Kicking Wolf

DikaSmausha bravely fighting a wolf

Part Two of AlChestBreach's playthrough was uploaded Nov 13, 2011. DikaSmausha found his way to the town of Riverwood where he met back up with Ralof, met his sister Gerdur, and her husband Hod. Gerdur explained that someone must tell the Jarl of Whiterun of the impeding danger of the dragon menace.

DikaSmausha quickly made haste to Whiterun fighting a fierce wolf along the way. Upon entering Whiterun DikaSmausha told Jarl Balgruuf the Greater of the threat of the dragons. It was then quickly decided after meeting with court wizard Farengar that DikaSmausha must go to Bleak Falls Barrow where within its depths lies the Dragonstone.


  • AlChestbreach had his first run in with a Giant and was killed in one hit.