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First Appearance

King of the Ring - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas


Deceased Mother
Janet (Mentor/Surrogate mother)
AlChestBreach (Mentor/Surrogate father)
A.J. (Surrogate brother)
Jake (Surrogate cousin)
Ronald Dillinger (Surrogate step-cousin)


Legionary Assassins
Upcoming Boxers




Main Companions

Sizzler is a small street child living in Freeside and a main recurring companion of Al's who first appears in Fallout New Vegas Mods: King of the Ring - Part 1.

Origin Edit

Sizzler is first met inside of the toy shop Al purchased in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Toy Store!, where she informs Al that several boxers have been making fun of him for playing with the toys in the toy store and thinks that he and his companions are losers. Enraged, Al gets Sizzler to team up with him and confront the boxers.

Once Al is put into his first fight after becoming a member of the arena, she accompanies him inside of the ring during his match. She begins fighting Al's opponent for him, although he moves her out of the way to protect her.

After several more scuffles and Al's first loss, she decides to become Al's protégé, temporary trainer, and source of motivation during a training montage. She is alive at the end of the mod review.

Appearances Edit

Despite supposedly disappearing, Sizzler makes a return in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Time Machine 2 - Part 1, where it is revealed she can communicate telepathically. Once the group sets off, Al reveals some of his history to her, such as his time as a slave in Slave Town and the tragedy that occurred the last time the group traveled back in time. He does not, however, inform her of the Legionary Assassins and she unknowingly let's the villains inside of the time machine facility, where a battle commences and an innocent robot is killed in the crossfire.

She is sent back in time with the rest of Al's gang and Fiend Merc, Al's new companion, and assists him in taking down the Chinese Soldiers outside of the building they are infiltrating. She goes missing during the attack however, and it was unknown if she died.

Sizzler is seen alive in the toy store at the beginning of Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bad Mothaf*cka - Part 1, where Al talks to her and doesn't let her finish her dialogue before she joins him again as a companion. She is still bitter about being left in the past, but forgives Al eventually.

After clarifying his objective, he goes on to the Mojave Cute Shop to purchase her some new clothing, although ends up buying a playboy bunny outfit that makes him very uncomfortable. He settles on maid clothing (that doesn't make him feel any better) and moves on. Once Al throws a Muffin Grenade and explodes half of the world, she disappears yet again. It is unknown if she survived the explosion or what happened to her, although Al suggested she may have gotten a high paying job and now refuses to come back. This is proven untrue, as she hosts a companion party in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Thomas Pinkerton Revengeance - 1 with Janet and Mister Cuddlesworth and has had a numerous amount of appearances since this occasion.  

Sizzler receives a main role in New Vegas Montages: The Hobo Halloween, where she goes to a hobo base to try and rescue Al. Even though she is knocked unconscious, she brings Al bobby pins so that the two can escape a cell they were placed in and then battle hobos, defeating them all. After the fight, back at their home, Sizzler rewards herself with alcohol.  

In the next montage, Sizzler spends her Christmas with A.J. and Al in New Vegas Montages: The Christmas Tree Hunt as they go Christmas Tree shopping. After blowing up a tree and driving it home, they accidentally drive their vehicle off a cliff, crashing into the ground. While A.J. and Al escape unharmed, Sizzler is stuck in the ground, unconscious. Al states that she'll be fine and leaves her in the ground to go find help. When Al returns, it is revealed that the tree, along with Sizzler, was taken by the Legion and the two soon head to the Legion camp to rescue their tree and the girl. Even though she's seen at the Legion camp, Al can't bring himself to kill anyone on Christmas and returns home with A.J., leaving her there. Once they return home, however, something magical happens and Sizzler is dropped from the sky, returning to her family. Al calls it a Christmas miracle and calls it "the best Christmas ever", at least until next year.  

Sizzler, along with the rest of Al's main companions, makes her last official montage appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas. She is first seen alongside A.J. in a nightmare that Al has, where they are seen playing on a playground before an explosion occurs, killing them. When Al wakes up, he realizes that Sizzler and A.J. are fine and takes them and the rest of his crew to the Atomic Wrangler for a Chicken Fingers Fiesta. Upon arrival, the group realizes they are trapped and Sizzler chooses to begin drinking instead of helping the team find a way out. They are able to escape when Ballarms shoots lasers at the floor, allowing them to escape in the sewers. Once in the sewers, an Al clone appears and begins decimating the civilians in the area, forcing Al and his gang to take cover while they figure out an attack plan. Sizzler decides to drink again instead of offering assistance, but since they ultimately have no weapons, she joins the group as they run for the surface, where they wind up right in the middle of a Business Radroach attack on Freeside. Al decides to take Steve and Jerry with him into the Strip to counter a vertibird approaching and tells the rest of his gang to hold the line, leaving Sizzler behind for the time being. It was revealed that the group left behind was captured, although they were soon rescued alongside a captive Jerry and Steve and escape the bunker base, deciding to head for their base in Goodsprings. Once they arrive however, a bomb is dropped on the area and he is told to stay behind as Jerry, Cuddlesworth, and Steve enter the radiation filled environment to locate Al's base. After several minutes, Al clones appear from within the radiation cloud and soon attack Al's remaining companions. Sizzler, upon seeing the enemies, runs away from the scene as she heads away from Goodsprings in an attempt to escape. As she is not seen at the end of the montage as one of the companions captured by the Business Radroaches and Radios, it is unknown what her fate is or if she is in hiding.  


  • Sizzler got her name because her mother was burned alive on a grill. She stated it was okay though, because they got to eat her afterwards.
  • Sizzler may have lived in Freeside for quite sometime, due to her knowledge of the area.
  • A dialogue option of hers is a reference to the movie Back to the Future (one of Al's favorite films), where she asks if Al is a chicken, and the response is "Nobody calls me chicken", a line spoken by the main character of the film.
  • She looks up to Janet as both a role model and a mentor, as she was most likely the one responsible for Sizzler acquiring a sledgehammer to fight with and followed her example by entering the ring to fight alongside Al.
  • Sizzler does not come from any mod, but was instead created by Al to give a setup to the story of the review.
  • It was revealed in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Star Wars Blaster! that Sizzler had disappeared and it was unknown where she had gone. She was found in the subsequent mod review, although it is not known where.
  • Her presence in Time Machine 2 mirrors the first in which Al's Nephew, Jake, assists in combating the Chinese forces and goes M.I.A. by the conclusion.
  • Sizzler is Al's third child companion, the first being ChooBee Scoots and the second being Jake.
  • A scientist spread a rumor that Al apparently liked low fat chocolate, and informed Sizzler of this rumor. It was confirmed to be false.  
  • Al has labeled Sizzler as "The New Janet", as she was stuck back in time and has been killed in nearly every mod review she has taken part in. 
  • It's possible that Sizzler has become a permanent companion. 
  • She, much to Al's chagrin, appears in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Nipton Rebuilt - Part 4, randomly showing up near the location of a house Al and his gang are going to raid. He allows to her come along, giving her a Traffic Cone helmet only for her to die several minutes later. Steve, being a doctor, is able to perform surgery on her and bring her back to life, where she follows Al for about two more seconds until leaving him again.
  • Sizzler makes another cameo in New Vegas Mods: Halo Armor & Star Trek Phasers - 2, where she throws another party, this time with Steve, and manages to get both the radroach and a robot completely drunk.
  • Sizzler appears once again as a companion in New Vegas Mods: Sellout - Part 1  and New Vegas Mods: Meyla - Easter Egg alongside a girl named Meyla, who she apparently met at school. In the latter, Al found B.A.L.L.A.R.M.S ver8.0, a future Protectron model sent back in time to inform Al that sending Captain Ballarms back in time resulted in events that would lead him to be the last hope of mankind. After receiving the message, Al hesitantly made the android a companion and brought them to a cafe, where he left out the back door with Steve and Sizzler, and called in an AC-130 airstrike on the building, "effectively" killing Melya and B.A.L.L.A.R.M.S ver8.0.
  • It is likely she now lives with Al and the gang as she appears in videos at his house and frequently throws parties. She also goes to school and Al even scheduled a play-date between Sizzler and Meyla, possibly implying that Al and Janet adopted her.
  • She returns in A Fallout Halloween - Ghoul Cop!, walking into Al's room after he called her before he punches her, knocking her unconscious. Janet takes care of her and wakes her up after throwing water on her. She dresses up as a drunk dog for Halloween, much to the horror of Al, who tells her not to look at him. She and Janet are then left behind at Al's house when he and the gang go out to find Ghoul Cop, where they then throw a party and get drunk. When Al returns they go trick or treating. Sizzler receives a bag of slam chunks from an elderly woman. After Al complains, she then gives Sizzler some pretzels and is seen with Al after he kills the old woman.
  • Sizzler appears at Al's family Thanksgiving dinner in Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Ballarms. Al gets mad at her for standing on a chair and not celebrating properly. She also ignores the touching group hug at the ending in order to keep drinking whilst continuing to stand on the chair, angering Al even more.
  • Against Al's wishes, she appears during New Vegas Mods: Path to San Jose - Part 1 after he told her to stay at home. She, however, wished to visit San Jose, and he allows her to join him. A few seconds later, however, she dies, although Al marks her location with a barrel so that he remembers to go back and revive her.
    • It is here that he confirms that he has, in fact, adopted her.
  • Because of her bad experiences in the past with time traveling, after being sent to the Jurassic era in New Vegas Mods: Balloon Man and The Land Before Time - Part 1, Sizzler immediately starts panicking and running around frantically while dinosaurs come and attack the group.
  • According to Al, he doesn't like A.J. hanging out with Sizzler, because she takes drugs and drinks alcohol.
  • It is stated in New Vegas Mods: Cazaclaw Lab! that Al may pay Sizzler to be a bodyguard or a mercenary, as he expects her to be very proficient with a gun.
  • Sizzler is the only main companion of Al's to not receive a room in Al's house in New Vegas Mod: AlchestBreach Abode Remodeled!.
  • It was revealed in New Vegas Mods: Classy Clothing Store - Part 1 that Steve gave Sizzler the ownership of the Toy Store, which she then proceeded to sell.
  • In New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Companion, it was revealed that Sizzler was allowed to join the team again, as she had stopped drinking back at the house.
  • It is stated in New Vegas: Bug Hunt that Al considers Cuddlesworth his strongest companion and considers Sizzler his weakest. 
  • It's possible that Sizzler is Immortal or simply superhuman in her endurance, given the number of situations that should have killed her; only for her to get up and be completely fine. Though this is not necssasarily unique in the AlchestBreach Universe. 
  • In a alternate reality her name was Popeye, a grandchild along with Beef Jerky and tried to kill Al and the gang(to which they succeeded).  
  • In Cat Tales she was kidnapped by the legion and killed by the real Al.  

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