See that armor? You get to WEAR that!

Silver Peak Bunker is a Fallout: New Vegas house and quest mod, and is the second mod Al has reviewed.


"Want to make playing a BoS paladin feel a bit more rewarding? Establish your own outpost, form a heretic splinter-faction, and make the denizens of the waste love--or fear, the Brotherhood of Steel again."

This mod includes a fully voice-acted quest-line that picks up where "I Could Make You Care" left off. Some of the members of the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel have come to see the organization as an anachronism, a shrinking cult of technophiles being driven over a cliff by its leadership. Perhaps one of your companions feels this way. Perhaps you do as well?

Now you can lead these subversive elements, the so-called "Brotherhood Apostates" into exile. Move into your own bunker-style HQ, decked out with post-apocalyptic, wacky, and and state-of-the art technology. Complete three new marked quests, and free form-role play your new faction the way you want. Will your splinter faction save--or enslave New Vegas? The decisions you make will affect the landscape of the city, and your relationships with other factions.

In order to begin the primary quest and gain access to this home, you MUST become a Paladin in the Brotherhood of Steel. There is more than one way to do that in the vanilla game, and it doesn't matter which you choose. I'll leave it at that.


I have tried to keep the flavor and vibe of the Fallout World in mind when designing the bunker. Some may find it "too something", or "not enough something else", but there it is. There is no Olympic-size swimming pool, plasma TV or harem of fully nude dancers. Sorry. What there is:

  • Theme-able Master Bedroom: Choose from the workmanlike and official "Fortress of Solitude" theme and the naughty "Sin City" theme.
  • Fully equipped Lab area and Operations Center: Weird science has never been so easy! Enjoy the state-of-the-art(ish) chemlab, forge, and other useful gear restricted to BoS eyes only. Create bio-med gel, Nuka-Cola Quantum, molerat wonder-meat, and high tech weapons to amaze your friends and strike terror into your enemies! Enjoy the fruits of your scribe's labor, and stroll into combat wearing special hardened T-51c Power Armor.
  • Armory: Store your big-iron here, and use the reloading bench to stock up on ammo. Buy armor display dummies from your chief scribe, and show off your choice outfits.
  • Infirmary: Use this fully stocked and equipped medical facility to mend those broken bones and ease those traumatic head wounds you're bound to receive!
  • Robo-Chef and Majordomo, Allistaire: Your snarky Mr. Handy can provide a light repast, or give you a haircut.
  • Dynamic Trophies: Watch as your minions find little mementos to decorate with, depending on what quests you have completed!
  • High-Tech Storage area: Keep those special treasures dust-free and safe.
  • Working Stove: Use your kitchen to prepare any recipe you can make at a camp-fire.
  • Catspaw Magazine Collection: Five copies of the rare Catspaw Magazine 200th Edition are hidden throughout the Mojave. Find them, and gain a hefty XP bonus for each one. Keep them in your Bunker in a nice display case.
  • Nuka-Cola Machine: Make those nuka-colas ice cold...

I shouldn't give away too much, so the rest I leave you to discover. But there will be:

  • New Armors
  • Customized weapons
  • New adventure areas
  • A new perk
  • New enemies...or not
  • Man-eating plants!!
  • Getting pwnd by Fiends? Call in reinforcements!

It is worth noting that this mod adds 3 new marked quests, and several free form quests, and fully voice-acted NPCs in addition to new interiors, new factions and new gear. It is pretty much a mini-DLC for those who wish to explore the BoS a bit further.

Al's opinion of the modEdit

Al found the mod a bit confusing, as he spent a large portion of the review figuring out what to do or where to go. He says this was because the mod author "did not want to hold the players hand," but it was a little too unclear. He did, however, review an early version of the mod, so he cut it some slack. Overall, he thought the mod was okay.

First AppearancesEdit

  • ED-E (as a follower)


The first part of Al's review of the mod

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