Sheri Bedlington is a pre-made sim from the game The Sims 3. She is an adult sim aged into an elder sim and was dating Donny Cop. She is also a low-ranking celebrity and a zombie.


Sheri is first met in episode 40 at Enrique Pelly's party which Donny is invited to. The two begin chatting and soon bond over a game of tag during a blizzard. She goes home a few minutes later, but goes out on a date with Donny later in the episode. He dispels some rumors being spread about him peeing on horses and she believes him, saying he is alright in her book. They begin flirting after this and soon go inside a restaurant to eat. Sheri leaves, saying she had fun.

He asks her out on a date in episode 42, although she states she isn't interested. She later arrives at Donny's birthday party the two chat comically and then flirt until Donny blows out the candles on the cake. She tells Donny she had a good time.

Sheri appears at the local bistro in episode 43 and spots Donny while there. The two flirt for a while until they decide to go watch Iron Man 3 together at the movie theater. She teleports home before the two have a chance to chat after the movie.

In episode 44, she is invited over to Donny's house and spends the night so the two can kiss and play hackey-sack. She leaves the house when she learns she isn't very good at the game.

Both her and Donny spend a romantic day at the fair grounds together in episode 45, where it is revealed she becomes a zombie every full moon. She may have been responsible for the deaths or several sims while at the fair. Donny is undeterred by this, although cannot speak to her while she plays horseshoes and eventually goes home after aging into an elder.

Donny officially asks her to be his girlfriend in episode 46 at the bistro, where the two witness the death of a fairy and a horse. He takes her back to his home and she spends the night at his house, where they woohoo for the first time in a pile of leaves outside.

She is still at Donny's house in episode 47, where Al takes it upon himself to try and end the series. After sending both Donny and Sheri down to the basement, he sets the room on fire. Unfortunately for him, Sheri extinguishes all of the fire and saves both her and Donny from certain demise. She leaves at an unknown time and does not witness the death of her boyfriend. This leaves it unknown if she is still alive or if she will appear in Al's Sims 4 playthrough.


  • She is a capricorn.
  • She apparently enjoys hiding in bushes.
  • Both she and Donny share an interest in comic books.
  • She was zombified sometime between episode 44 and 45.
  • Her and Donny may time travel together.

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