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Sheila Bubskis is a broom that Al made love to in Outcasts and Remnants - Part 8 - Jail Break.

Origin Edit

Sheila is first seen during Al's time in a Vault-Tec prison during Outcasts and Remnants - Part 8 - Jail Break, where she is leaning against the wall by the sink. After Al and Triton are done playing a game of weapon mod Jenga, Al tells Triton that he is finally going to ask Sheila out. Al describes her as "so beautiful" before walking over and starting a conversation with her. Al congratulates Sheila for her good job on her reports before the scene cuts to him working out and showing off to Sheila, before it cuts again to them making love on his bed. After that Al then discovers how to escape from his cell and tells Sheila that it was fun, before breaking down the wall; Al then seems to have second thoughts as he apologizes for what he said and then promises Sheila that they will make it out of the prison before picking her up. Sheila is then again seen when Al accidentally stuffs her in a locker, before apologizing and taking her back, again restating that they'd get out.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Al stating that Sheila had coffee in her cup, he refilled it with turpentine
  • Al and Sheila apparently had the same imaginary place of employment, before Al was fired by his unnamed teddy bear boss

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