Sergeant Pepper

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TuesDayZ - Bean Brothers - Part 1









Sergeant Pepper is a player in DayZ that was pinned down together with Al in a sniper situation. He was first seen in TuesDayZ - Bean Brothers - Part 1.


After being shot at by an unknown sniper, Al directs Pepper into a police station he was hiding in. Once inside, Al quickly formulates a plan with him involving running out of the building, screaming, and finding a goose that is cut short when the bandit breaches the building. After a pitiful attempt to fight back, the bandit kills Al, but leaves Pepper alive.

When Al respawns near the police station, he walks into a town to find Pepper once again, armed with Al's rifle. After convincing Pepper that he was another player, Al followed him back to the police station where he was killed, only to be betrayed when Sgt. Pepper let to the bandit who refers to himself as "Zod" kill Al again.


  • Sgt. Pepper was armed with a fire extinguisher, but never used it against Zod.
  • Sgt. Pepper never runs away screaming.
  • Sgt. Pepper can walk through upper-torso high flooring (Obviously a bug in the game).
  • Sgt. Pepper lies to Al, telling him he had never been in the police station before. Though unknown to him, Pepper was actually talking to Al.
  • Later on in TuesDayZ - Bean Brothers - Part 2, Al and another player, Ivelios, return to the police station where the incident occurred and found Al's second body, unknown to Ivelios.
  • Zod (The alias the Sniper went by) is a character from Superman.
  • It's possible that Sgt. Pepper and "Zod" were in cahoots the whole time, luring players into the police station in order to kill them.
  • It is most likely that Sergeant Pepper's name is a parody of the enormously popular album "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" by the Beatles.

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