Sergeant ButtFist

Original Mod

A Cazador's Life





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: To The Ends of The Earth - 1


Sergeant Buttfist ("Great-grandgrappy")






Main Companions

Sergeant ButtFist is a Cazador that was raised by Crier Breach, similarly to Mister Cuddlesworth.

Origin Edit

Sergeant ButtFist (originally called Baby Cazador) appears in New Vegas Mods: To the Ends of the Earth - 1 where he falls out of a Cazador nest in Tribal Village. Crier Breach gives him a stimpak and then recruits him as a companion. The team enters a simulation of one of Al's old quest mods and somehow eats a broc flower. Throughout the mod he is hungry whenever Crier Breach fast travels and he has to feed him so Sergeant ButtFist doesn't attack him. Eventually he grew so big from eating barrel cactus fruits that Crier Breach had to shrink him.

Appearances Edit

He later followed Crier wherever he went along with Axe Man.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Crier Breach, the original Sergeant ButtFist was the current's "great-grandpappy who passed away in the war".
  • He helps around the house with all the chores.
  • Because of his appetite, he's called "The Curt Beltpants of Insects"
    • Although according to Crier Breach, he eats more than him at a Thanksgiving Dinner Day.
  • His origin is similar to Mister Cuddlesworth as both were raised from infancy, received a name and obtained their signature clothing, Buttfist's being his armor.
  • In New Vegas Mods: Crossroads - A Chat With Gramps he gets equipped with Cazador armor.

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