Sergeant Lieutenant Hammerfist

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Fallout New Vegas Montages: Osama Bin Brahmin








Sergeant-Lieutenant Hammerfist is an NCR soldier sent to assassinate Osama Bin Brahmin (Character).

Appearances Edit

Sergeant-Lieutenant Hammerfist and his team of highly trained soldiers, Lieutenant Steve Gibbons, Dana Tyler, Corporal Melinda Chickens, and Bob Ripface, are tactically inserted near Osama Bin Brahmin's compound. They find themselves in a sticky situation when these fiends, came out of nowhere. After eliminating them all. They would have turned off the music, but they couldn't turn them off because they did not have any damn silencers.  

They proceed anyways, battling Fiends and killing children, thinking that they are actually "Demon Robots". One of the survivors was Ronald Dillinger. Hammerfist then randomly killed a mole rat, thinking it was a threat. Ripface and Tyler were ordered to take away the children, while Hammerfist and Chickens went after Osama Bin Brahmin. 

As they reached the door to killing their enemy, Hammerfist has a conversation with Chickens and thinks she is a major racist as she could not tell which one is Osama. Hammerfist then threw a grenade into the room, severely injuring both Brahmin. Al then rushed into the room and he fired a bullet Once. Twice. Thrice. Killing both of them. Al and Chickens escape the compound, and Gibbons leaves the team for Hammerfist being a complete psychopath as he murdered fifty children. Ronald Dillinger, however makes his escape before Hammerfist's knowledge of it. 

Trivia Edit

  • Lieutenant Gibbons would technically been the leader as Lieutenant is a rank higher than Sergeant.

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