Schlumps is a reactivated Robobrain found in the Vermont Superstructure during New Vegas Mods: The Rockwell Pursuit- Part 19.


Schlumps (originally called Robobrain) was found by Al in when he came across a Robobrain in the basement and activated it. In the next episode Al named it "Schlumps" because of his slow speed.

Appearances Edit

Al was tasked by Sir Paddington to exterminate giant ants in the basement, and he stumbled upon another Mister Handy and a Robobrain. Al reactivated them and immediately renamed the Mister Handy "Gubbs 2.0", then named the Robobrain "Schlumps" after speaking with General Gunther. Schlumps mysteriously disappeared when the Tantrum attacked, not even following Al into the Power Armour and Weapon's Testing room.

It's likely he died in the attack or was left behind.

Trivia Edit

  • Al predicted Schlumps would die in a huge battle with by an explosion. He was almost right.
  • Schlumps tends to survive battles by staying behind due to his slow speed.