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Santa Securitrons





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New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 1








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Santatron is a retextured Securitron given to Crier Breach by the Radios.

Origin Edit

The Securitron that would be known as Santatron was (possibly) picked off from the patrols by the Radios and given to Crier Breach as a companion to show off a texture replacer mod in New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 1. Santatron was there when Crier was defending the Hidden Valley base from rebels and was destroyed. He was then repaired and given back to Crier's replacement.

Appearances Edit

He appeared as a minor companion in the subsequent videos and had his first major appearance in Fallout New Vegas Christmas: Santatron's Adventure! when Crier attempted to extend the Breach Reach Program, but was on his own when the Business Radroaches rejected it. He then took Santatron to a small refuge with children and asked them to say their wishes to Santatron. Because the kids loved Santatron, Crier allowed him to sleep overnight. The next day he found a kid hiding and he explained that Santatron was captured by "elves" to a nearby cave. Crier entered the cave and was escorted by one of the elves that scared him.

Crier attempted to leave when he found Santatron, being worshiped by the elves who mistook him for the real Santa, but was paralyzed by poison. He was then rescued by the kids, who shot all of the elves. Because of this, Crier gave them a new home that came with the Breach Reach Program.

He then appeared in New Vegas Mods: Big Trouble in Little Goodsprings - Part 1 as Lepretron, a St. Patrick's themed Securitron, despite said holiday also being far away.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a factory reset code, but Crier forgot as he attempted to turn him against the elves.
  • Santratron's appearance and name changes every holiday, even the small ones.

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