Sandi French as a young adult.

Sandi French is a pre-made Sim and a central character in Al's playthrough of The Sims 3. She is a vampire-zombie and a romantic interest of Bobby Duggart, even though she already has a boyfriend, Christopher Steel. She also works as a Firefighter along side Mageru 5000 100. Although she appears as a toddler in-game at the start, she is now currently a young adult.


Sandi French began having an attraction to Bobby the first time she asked him out on a date in Bobby's early young adult days. On their first date, they attended the horse stadium and watched the horses perform. She also attends Zelda and Steven's wedding in episode 50, although she plays with and pets Waffles for most of the party.

Sometime later, in episode 53, Sandi asked Bobby out on a date to a small park in a shaded forest area. Bobby flirted with her while there until a man named Christopher, who later was discovered to be her boyfriend, walked up to Sandi and gave her a bouquet of flowers. This made Bobby mad, causing him to lash out at Christopher and fight him while Sandi walked away to go play Chess.

Sandi is later spotted at the Super Market in episode 58 while Bobby is out. Bobby approaches her and begins trying to flirt with her, although is mostly rejected. She leaves him after he stops to admire a woman practicing magic tricks.

In episode 60, she can be seen shuffling around in a zombie-like manner, revealing her to be a zombie-vampire hybrid.

Bobby asked her out on a date in episode 61 to the beach in front of his house. She showed up and flirted with Bobby for a few seconds before turning into a bat and flying away. This made Al mad and caused Bobby to jump into the ocean, swimming alone.

Mageru 5000 100 meets Sandi French on his first day on the job as a Fire Fighter in episode 72. While Sandi made several calls and alerts to the other members of the station while a fire occurred, Mageru decided to consume scrap metal instead.

In episode 80, thinking she had taken their pets as she was putting pets up for adoption, Al sent Bobby and Mageru to go and kill her. The attempts to kill her failed, however, as she is a vampire and can't be killed by bullets. After failing to shoot her, they went after her boyfriend, Christopher. They killed him, causing The Grim Reaper to appear and turn him into a ghost. This was soon fixed, however, as Bobby went back in time turning everything back to normal.

In episode 97, while on a job with Mageru, gnomes appeared and infected her whole house. Not knowing how to stop them, she began jumping and freaking out at the situation. Luckily, Mageru was also on this job, and was easily able to stop the infestation and assist her.

In episode 127, Mageru helped clear out rubble from the earthquake that had occurred earlier. While doing this, he rescued Sandi, who had been trapped under the rubble. She quickly ran away using her vampire powers, likely going to help out others who had been trapped. Al called her out for breaking Bobby's heart "75 thousand episodes ago". Once she returned, she developed a crush on Mageru until he insulted her and the two began fighting.

In episode 132, she appears at the Town Hall and forms a protest, stating over a megaphone that fat people shouldn't date skinny people. This may be a reference to Bobby and their history together, although he is a deceased ghost, so it is unknown how she feels about this.

In episode 137, Mageru was summoned to her house to extinguish a small fire, which was considerably strange considering the fact she is also a firefighter. After it is put out, Mageru contemplated shooting her, although had no gun and ultimately left, dissatisfied.

Sandi is invited to Robbie's birthday party in episode 142, where she witnesses the sudden death of a random sim. She managed to escape from the party to play with Gumbo in the back room of the house. Once Robbie blows out the birthday candles, the table spontaneously combusts, setting the entire house ablaze. Being a firefighter, she is one of the sims who tries to extinguish the fire and witnesses the death of yet another sim. After the flames die down, she joins in celebrating Robbie's birthday, ignoring any dead bodies or ashes that remained on the floor. She then begins speaking over a megaphone, shouting various orders at people. Finally fed up with her, Al makes Robbie pull out his gun and shoot an explosive bullet at her. It misses, causing him to blow up the cat castle outside. While Al makes Robbie change bullet types, Sandi hops in her car and drives home, unscathed.

She is invited to the party thrown by Devil Bobby in episode 145, where it is shown that she has aged into an elder sim sometime between episode 142-145. She appears at the party, Al instantly remarking that he hates her as always. She was one of the victims Al locked in the house before being able to exit the party and was the only casuality at the party when Al set the basement-basement on fire. She said she had a good time before her death.

R.I.P. Sandi French

Episode 50-145


  • She is currently one of only two sims immune to bullets, the other being the Pizza Delivery Girl.
  • It is unknown how she became a vampire, although we can assume that she was bitten by another sim.
  • She has the Excitable and Slob traits.
  • Al wanted Bobby to become a werewolf so Sandi and Bobby could have made sweet werewolf-vampire babies.
  • Sandi French is the first vampire revealed in the series aside from Bobby and Harold. The second is Debbie Camacho and the third is Ludo Vicco.
  • In episode 127, Mageru received a call from the President, who revealed that Sandi was his daughter.
  • Sandi French's boyfriend, Christopher Steel, died in the backyard of the Duggart house in episode 130.
  • His ghost appeared in the front yard of the house in episode 141.
  • Although Al usually forgets about sims throughout the series that aren't in his own household, he always remembers Sandi French and becomes disgusted each time he sees her.

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