Original Mod

Sammy the Ghoul




Feral ghoul

First Appearance

Project Peay - Part 1








Temporary Companions

Sammy is a ghoul and a mercenary for hire who Al acquires as a temporary companion in New Vegas Mods: Project Peay - Part 1.


Sammy is first met in Skunkwater Gulch, just standing at the entrance. Al approaches him and asks him to be his friend by offering him a small, slime covered rock. Al says yes and then hires Sammy to follow him as a companion.

After the group assassinates more wanted individuals, Al tells Sammy to wait behind because it may be too dangerous for him. Sammy is sad, although lets Al go on ahead. When AL returns for him, he found Sammy doing some questionable acts with a radscorpion and tells him to come on.

When the gang approached the final fight, while the rest were nervous, Sammy was eager and ran ahead of the group, wanting to drive a truck he had found. At the end of the fight, Al sends him back to the Lucky 38, saying that he liked Sammy and wants to travel with him again.


  • It is stated that Sammy just wants friends and is lonely, most likely because he is a ghoul and is an outcast.
  • Sammy resides in Janet's hometown of Skunkwater Gulch.
  • He has small, seizure-like tendencies like Gully, although his aren't nearly as violent and only last for a few seconds. Al tells him not to shake unless something needs to be shaken, like a soda can.
  • Sammy got to know Jerry McGhoulBerry by rubbing his body vigorously against Jerry's. Al found the action cute.
  • According to the mod maker Olly Oxen Sammy is probably trying to hug someone trying to kill him, he said this during a the live stream known as Casual I'm not Dead Steam.
  • Al sent Sammy off to the Lucky 38 to live until his services were needed again, to which Sammy exclaimed "PRETTY LIGHTS!" and ran off, excitedly. However, being a Feral Ghoul, he was most likely shot and killed while approaching the Freeside gates.

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