Sahuagin is what appears to be a mix between a super mutant, lakelurk, and ghoul. He accompanies Al as a companion in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Rescue The Slaves! - Part 1.


Al first meets Sahuagin standing on a dock at Callville Bay. Al tells him to join him and he does. After shrinking him down to a smaller size so that Mister Cuddlesworth and him could give each other kisses, the group heads out. Equipped with a rocket launcher, Sahuagin assists Al in taking out Cazadors in the nearby area and then follows him on his quest to takeout various individuals. On the way, Sahuagin refused to use any other weapon besides his rocket launcher to kill enemies. This bothered Al, as he came close to dying several times from the explosions. He is still alive at the end of the mod review, although it is unknown if he will make another appearance.


  • Al did not know how to properly pronounce Sahuagin's name, so he just began calling him "Sags" throughout the mod review.
  • Because his follow distance wasn't set very high, he had a tendency to stand right behind Al and run up next to him. This annoyed Al greatly, as he kept yelling at Sahuagin to back off and give him some space.
  • He is equipped with a unique rocket launcher named Annabelle.

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