Rusty the Teddy Bear is a small stuffed bear that joined Al as a temporary companion during Fallout New Vegas Mods: XRE Rex's Shop - Part 1. He has tiny combat armor to fit around his small body and a rattle to use as a weapon, although Al gave him a Gauss Rifle.


Rusty is first encountered outside of the Novac Motel in a small metal box where he was living with his small teddy bear wife. Al asks him to join the team and follow him, and he agrees. Although rude to Al and his companions at first, he soon comes to help and support the team; watching Al's back when he goes to infiltrate a store.

After Al purchased a car from the same store he was infiltrating, he entered a Brahmin race, leaving Rusty along with the rest of his companions behind. Although they did not know where Al had went, they somehow meet up with him on top of a steep hill while he is still racing. He acccidently blows through Cuddlesworth and actually runs over Rusty, knocking him down.

At the end of the mod, he, along with the rest of Al's companions, are trapped underground without an escape route after killing and attacking Raiders. However, Milton, who was previously thought to be with the Business Radroaches, appears with his assistant and help Al and his gang escape in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Breach House Hunting - Part 1. They are then sent on a house hunting trip, as Al tries to choose a place for all of them to live. He is indecisive in the end however and just ends up back in Nipton, which is the last time Rusty is seen. It is unknown if he is going to join Al again.


  • He might occasionally enjoy eating dead bodies, courtesy of Al.
  • Steve and Rusty kissed upon Al's request.
  • Steve and Rusty had a fake wedding led by Al. Janet was the only companion in attendance.
  • Al likes his small house.

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