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Russell is one of AlChestBreach's companions in Fallout: New Vegas. He was first seen in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Russell (Beta) - Part 1.


Russell is a former Desert Ranger who was recruited by Al at the 188 Trading Post. As the two pursue a bounty together, Al learns of Russell's tribal upbringing and enslavement by Caesar's Legion, as well as his tenure as a Desert Ranger.

After pursuing their target through ghoul-infested ruins and an ant hive, they are led to the remote mining town of Silverwood, where they then proceeded to complete various quests and acquaint themselves with the citizenry.

However, they eventually learn that the Legion is preparing an attack on the town; after convincing several of the townsfolk to join the militia, Russell and Al fend off multiple waves of Legion attackers until they are summoned to a meeting with the Legion commander. Upon arriving, Al and Rusell fight against the three Legion members, one of them being Russell's former owner, Titus Vulcanus. Upon defeating the trio, Russell is relieved to be rid of Titus, and the two walk back to the town. After checking up on things there, Al and Russell leave the town and head back to the Mojave. In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bounty Bonus Quests - Part 1, Al brought Russell back to help him with his new bounties.


  • Russell has a "fetish" of sorts for killing people. He claims however, that he only wants to murder people who deserve it.
  • Because Al completed mods that are associated with Russell previously, he decided to load up Russell's mod on his Modded Playthrough of New Vegas.
  • Russell has a propensity for making snide remarks when Al fondles objects or stumbles over debris.
  • Al seemed to admire Russell's combat prowess, characterization, and most importantly, his unwillingness to sing.
  • There are numerous references to Al and his other companions, primarily in the form of 50's-era film posters inside the Silverwood Saloon. The bartender, Joe Briggs, is apparently obsessed with Albert Breach films.
  • Russell is the first quest mod to feature a DLC-style slideshow with multiple endings. Unfortunately, the delay between the narrator's dialogue put many viewers to sleep, though it provided Al with additional time for commentary.

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