is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner who was hired to clean apartments for the wealthy and the rich in Indie Sunday! - Robot Vacuum Simulator - A Story of Love.


Ronboyo had left his family in Rombavania to get a good job with the promise of promotions and many Romba coins (the supposed currency of Rombavania) so that he could raise his baby, Ronboya, and his wife, Ronboya. However, while Ronboyo was away from his family, it was rumored that his wife was seeing other men, and his son, without a father figure, was failing in school. Because of this, Ronboyo works as hard as he can to help support his family.

During his time cleaning, the "bourgeoisie" bought a second vacuum robot to whom Ronboyo didn't like at first, but soon became fond of and kissed. Once the apartment was cleaned, the two made sweet love under the owner's bed, ushering in his journey through life and the exciting adventures that came with it.


  • Ronboya: The son of Ronboyo, left by his father to live in Rombavania with his mother, Ronboya's well being in school and life is Ronboyo's top priority. However, Ronboya sucks at school, damaging the likeliness of a happy and successful life for himself
  • Ronboya (AKA "Ronboyo"): The wife of Ronboyo, left to watch over Ronboya while her husband leaves to find work to support the family, and changes her name between that of her husband's and her son's. Ronboya is rumored to be cheating on Ronboyo while he is away for work.
  • Ronbondonyo: The great-great-grandfather of Ronboyo who worked in an old mill factory for thirty-five years. During his relatively inactive time while working, he had contracted Malletlungs, a disease that damaged his motors and servos, causing his sensors to fail and machinery to create constant noise. From this prediciment, Ronboyo learns that robos that didn't move, would die. A harsh reminder to keep cleaning, or end up like his great-great-grandfather.


  • The owners of the apartment Ronboyo cleaned intentionally bring dust into their house everyday to mock him. However, Ronboyo dosen't waver as he wants to prove to the apartment owners that he could do anything, and become the best Ronboyo cleaner ever.
  • Ronboyo was popular among the children of Rombavania, giving them money for candy and often sharing jokes with them.
  • Ronboyo prefers Coke-Cola over Pepsi.
  • Assuming the rumors are true about Ronboyo's wife, both he and Ronboya are cheating on each other.

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