Ronald Dillinger

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The boy who escaped.

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First Appearance

Run The Lucky 38 - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas


AlChestBreach (Stepfather/Owner)
Unknown mother






Ronald Dillinger is the often referenced child being hunted by Al since his escape from the Lucky 38 basement slave force during Al's review of "Run the Lucky 38."


While not an actual aspect of the Run the Lucky 38, Al spawned a large amount of children so as to explain who was running the machinery in the deeper levels of the newly reopened Lucky 38. Al soon decided the children needed punishing and proceeded to kill many of them in addition to their adult overseer. This slaughter would evntually be incorporated into a montage, Ronald The Boy Escapee. The montage promotes a movie wherein Al tracks Ronald across the Mojave Wasteland because it is revealed Ronald is Al's stepson. The mother of Ronald remains a mystery.  

Appearances Edit

Sometime later, a highly trained military task force was sent to kill the infamous Osama Bin Brahmin. During the mission, the team leader turned a corner and, mistaking Ronald's friends for demon robots, killed most of them with a single magazine, until Fiends killed the rest with pool cues. Ronald was one of the few child survivors. However, after the mission ended, Ronald disappeared, leaving his current status unknown. 

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Breach Manor - Part 2, a superhuman clone of Ronald was encountered and killed by Al and his crew.

Ronald Dillinger was recently spotted in Sims 4 - Two Brothers, One House - Part 1 walking in front of the Bobbies' new house. Al called him a "french fry son of a b****" and swore assholes pull-up lips co turbans for chips sold all kinds of shit.

He makes an appearance in New Vegas Mods: Farewell New Vegas where he finds Al, A.J. and Janet hiding in a cave from his clones. He has aged slightly and has lost an eye. He forgives Al for his enslavement and leads him to Dr. Barton's second lab to get to his time machine. He aids in defending the lab while Al and Janet activates the time machine. Ronald then sends Al to 2287 in Boston before the Business Radroaches take over the lab. He then disappears once again with Janet and A.J. in hiding.

He reappears in New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Part 4 at the end of the mod review, capturing both Steve and Jerry McGhoulBerry and freeing them from Crier Breach and the Radio's mind control.


  • There is some speculation that Jimmy Whistles is a disguised Ronald, although no proof exists to make a reasonable conclusion.
  • Ronald appears on a wanted poster in Darziak's Alchestbreach Loading Screens available on the Nexus.
  • He is said to be AlChestBreach's step son.
  • He starred in the hit action movie Osama Bin Brahmin. He had to escape AlChestBreach's "deadly death bullets."
  • Al stated that there would be a movie released in the summer of 2052 to clear up any confusion.
  • Al has joked that his real name is Ronald Dillinger, it is confirmed to be untrue.
  • The name "Ronald Dillinger" appears on his website
  • Ronald may have inherited some of Al's skills hence the reason he escapes Al while others can not.
  • Al is offering 1,000,000 caps to anyone who finds him.
  • A radroach hybrid version of Ronald appears in New Vegas Spooktacular - Bucket Hunt!, appropriately named Ronald Roachinger.
  • Ronald Dillinger is actually a vanilla NPC and one of the few child refugees from Bitter Springs.