Rogue 2.0:

Original Mod

Rogue the Sentry Bot Companion





First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Rogue The Sentry Bot - Part 1

Last Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Rogue 2.0 - Part 3








Temporary Companions

Rogue is a Sentry Bot that appeared and followed Al during the review of his mod.


Before the war, he was sent on a test mission in Helios One, but then the war just started so he didn't get any updates. 204 years later, a Brotherhood of Steel patrol shot him up and took his arms. He was then later found by the NCR after the NCR-Brotherhood War and was moved to the Scrapyard where Al finds him.

Appearances Edit

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Rogue The Sentry Bot - Part 1, Al encounters a broken, inactive and arm-less Rogue in Old Lady Gibson's Scrapyard. Al then reactivates him and takes him, along with his usual companions, on a quest at the REPCONN Headquarters to find him replacement arms. There, they massacre all the robots in the building, including the security sentry bots, but to no avail. However as they were leaving the building, the crew encounters hardened sentry bots on the first floor and destroy them, allowing them to harvest their arms and giving them to Rogue, finally making him able to engage in battles.

Rogue makes a return appearance in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Rogue 2.0 - Part 1, with an updated look and a new quest. At one point, Al asked Rogue to play a transmission but instead returned to U.S Bunker U-572-D, his home base from before the war. Al fought through the bunker guards until he reached the Bunker Commander where he demanded Rouge back. He lied to the Commander that Rogue's stealth core was broken and then retrieved him from the bunker's lab. He reactivated him and exited the facility.


  • According to Al, the reason why Rogue lost his arms a second time was because he went out drinking with Gerty, the Voyager's Robobrain pilot, and got into a drunken scuffle.
  • Jerry, Cuddles, Janet, and Steve, Al's main companions, may hold a hatred of sorts for Rogue. This is shown when they decide to leave the helpless robot behind in the wasteland and force Al to go back and rescue him. Their affinity may stem from him acting as a replacement for Ballarms.
  • It took Al two reloads to realize that there was a "Power Up Robot" option on the lab terminal.

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