This page is about a human named Rodney. For the mantis of the same name, go to the Rodney (Mantis) page.

Rodney is a survivor who Al meets at the Rotten Landfill while exploring during his Frost playthrough.

Origin Edit

Al was running away from two Mr. Handys from the General Atomics Galleria who tried to kill and cook him. He made his way to the Rotten Landfill where he found a Survivor attacking a large number of Mole Rats. After hitting him with his torch, mistaking him for a hostile survivor, he jumped on top of a car and watched him fight the Mole Rats with his bare fists. After the Survivor killed the Mole Rats, Al tried to talk to him but more Mole Rats appeared and killed the Survivor. Al was distraught over his death and carried his body into the small office/shack where he briefly stopped grieving as he found a unique sniper rifle, before grieving again.

He then placed Rodney's body on the desk where he used to work.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently Rodney used to type with his feet.