Original Mod

Rodney the Friendly Mantis





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: New Vegas Bounties III - 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Rodney The Friendly Mantis!




  • Al (formerly)




Temporary Companions

Rodney is a friendly Mantis who was friends with some children before Al blew them up, mistaking Rodney as a threat.

Origin Edit

In New Vegas Mods: New Vegas Bounties III - 1, Rodney was playing with his friends when Al and Jerry saw them from a nearby roof. He thought Rodney was threatening them so he tried to kill him. He accidentally used Euclid's C-Finder and killed Rodney's friends, but somehow not Rodney himself.

Appearances Edit

An alternate version of Rodney called Rodney the Unfriendly Mantis appears in New Vegas: The Better Angels - Part 4 where he lives in a cave called Hook's Passage in Rorke's Ravine as a Wild Wasteland Easter Egg. He is bitter about his encounter with Al and immediately attacks him, but was killed by Al.

In New Vegas Mods: Rodney The Friendly Mantis! he later appeared at the same playground where his friends died. He met with Al and didn't recognize him at first, until Al mentioned it. Rodney cried and asked why Al killed his friends, but then forgave Al when he apologized.

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