Rocket Hobos
Rocket Hobo
One of the Rocket Hobo Assassins

Original Mod

A Boy and His Ghoul

First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: A Boy and His Ghoul - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods - Urinalysis Observers


Various hobos
Various evolved hobos
Main Leader



  • "much darker organization"



"The Rocket Hobo Main Leader has marked you for death, and the Rocket Hobos obey. Prepare for deep sleep."
―Rocket Hobo Assassin

The Rocket Hobos is a faction consisted of elderly Caucasian male hobos, who exclusively use rocket launchers as weapon. Their recognizance is their helmet with goggles.

They first appear appear throughout Al's New Vegas Mods: A Boy and His Ghoul review, and make a comeback in the third episode of New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Part 3.

Origin Edit

There's no information about why this hobo group was formed. Their first encounter with Al was in Fungtongue Mine where he went to obtain a stash of pre-war Hot Pockets. After Al explained his intention, they attacked him, subsequently resulting in the death of every hobo within the mine.

Appearances Edit

The Rocket Hobo Main Leader (whose identity is unknown) ordered a squad of his men to assassinate Al. The assassins found Al at Camp Golf. Their strategy was to wait until Al starts talking, then they ambushed him from behind, a large number of them surrounding Sparhel's house. They were efficient in the beginning of the battle, obliterating Al several times, but Al retreated to a hill and sniped them down while his companions kept them busy.

A second squad of assassins were sent after Al, which followed him into the sewers under Freeside, where they surprise attacked him as he made his way out. This second squad wasn't even nearly as good as the first was, falling quickly.

In New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Part 3, Al was, at one point, sent out by Bob to help a man named Lawrence, who wore a welding mask, multiple bullet bandoliers, and a gas tank on his back. He had a hoarse, almost Australian accent. When Al asked him where the "vermin" were coming from, Lawrence responded with "the hole", followed by Al remarking that it would cost extra to check out his mother (the designated burn of the episode). However, when Al entered the hole, he discovered that it was a straight fall down into a cave, and Al began to suspect Lawrence had tricked them. While trying to escape from the hole, Al battled various Funky Rats, and towards the end he even encountered a group of hobos, which Al promptly gunned down. After Al escaped the hole he returned to Lawrence, whom Al still expected had betrayed them. Lawrence claimed that "just because he was homeless didn't mean he would try to kill him with some elaborate scheme". After Al apologized, Lawrence cackled and revealed he indeed had tricked him, and then ordered his Rocket Hobo minions to attack Al. The Rocket Hobos emerged from the rubble and attacked Al, only this time they didn't wield rocket launchers, despite having them in their inventories, but rather simple weapons such as knives or lead pipes. Lawrence, however, used a flamer. In the end, Al defeated Lawrence and won the battle.

More recently, in New Vegas Mods: Urinalysis Observers, upon infiltrating Camp McCarran and retrieving a urine sample, he was met with merciless opposition outside when he found the camp under siege by a clan of Evolved Rocket Hobos. After a long and heated battle between the two, AL prevailed, proceeding to murder the dazed NCR witnesses before escaping.

Fate Edit

The slideshow at the ending of the original mod (A Boy and His Ghoul) stated that the Hobos lost most of their members trying to assassinate Al. The remnants made contact with a "much darker organization", not entirely clear with whom.

Trivia Edit

  • All of the hobos could have been hired for 5 caps, but Al didn't want to that because they wouldn't be hobos.
  • The quote uttered by one of the Rocket Hobo assassins during their second encounter with Al was very similar to the quote uttered by the Legionary Assassins every time Al encounters them, "The Caesar has marked you for death, and the Legion obeys. Ready yourself for battle."
  • The ground in Fungtounge Mine is covered with garbage and lettuce.
  • The NCR didn't seem to care about the attack on Camp Golf, leaving Al to fight alone.