Ringo the Flamingo
"(playful bark)"

Original Mod

Ringo the Flamingo





First Appearance

Flamingo Companion and Nano Armor








Main Companions

Ringo the Flamingo is a decorate lawn flamingo and a companion of Al's in the game Fallout 4. Ringo is a replacement of the Dogmeat companion and acts like Dogmeat would, although has his own animations and sounds. He is equipped with a variety of hats and accessories, which vary throughout every video. He makes his first appearance in Fallout 4 Mods Week 3 - Flamingo Companion and Nano Armor.


In Ringo's first appearance, he is simply shown off by Al, who elaborates on his functions, features, and fighting style. This is all Ringo does in this video.

However, he is brought back several times, such as in Stream - Fallout 4 - Random Mods Goofing Around, where he follows Al around and helps in combat. It is likely he will become a main companion of Al's due to his love for the flamingo.


  • Ringo can be told to find things like Dogmeat, and will scurry away if told to do so.
  • He fights by smashing his head into enemies.
  • He bears resemblance to Steve from Al's Fallout New Vegas videos in both purpose and size.
  • It is possible that he (Ringo), Al, The Badge, and Clamps are part of some sort of strike team (Most likely for the BoS) do to the amount of military esq strategy in The Ballad of Clamps. (I,e Calling in vertibirds, artillery, and dragging a wounded Clamps away from battle)
  • He makes a solid return in Fallout 4 Quest Mods: Submarine Base Echo - Part 1, where it is essentially confirmed that he is a main companion. In the video, he is carrying a teddy bear on his back.

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