Hi there! I'm gonna murder everyone!

Riley Duggart is Robbie Duggart's imaginary friend that spawned off of one of Robbie's many childhood dolls, and a possible demon from the Netherworld who first appears in The Sims with Al! - Part 117.


Upon his appearance in the episode, Riley chatted with Robbie about the Netherworld, and how it rains blood there. He then had a pillow fight with Robbie, explaining his love of murder, drawing dead people, and watching snuff films. Riley then aged into a teen, making him bigger and more deadly. Not long afterward, Robbie dared Riley to divide by zero, which then caused Riley's brain to overwork itself, catching Riley on fire, Riley then screamed for mercy for the next 5 hours, while trying to put himself out.

In episode 118, after countless hours of burning and extreme agony, Robbie finally put out the fire. Later in the episode, Riley stood over a sleeping Robbie and told himself that he will slit Robbie's throat with a steak knife one day.

In episode 119, Robbie asks Riley to leave him alone. Riley was furious with this but reluctantly turned back into doll form, waiting for the right moment to return again.

Riley appears again in episode 128 during Robbie's birthday. While he is not present when the fire occurs, he flashes in after the death of Bobby and ages into a young adult imaginary friend alongside Robbie. He continued to follow Robbie around until commanded to clean up the ashes of the dead people.

In episode 142, Riley appears immediately after Robbie's birthday cake spontaneously combusted, hinting that he had orchestrated the tragedy. He also ages alongside Robbie into an elder. After Robbie's death, it is unknown what happened to him.

It is assumed that with Robbie's death in episode 144, being a figment of Robbie's imagination, that Riley died along with his creator.

R.I.P.? Riley Duggart

Episode 117-144?


  • He appears to be made out of felt.
  • He can travel between dimensions at will.
  • His goal is to kill everyone in the Duggart household.
  • He likes to get high.
  • He can summon fat zombies.
  • His swift appearance after Bobby's death hints that he may have driven Robbie into insanity, causing him to start a fire in attempt to kill several people.

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