Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes

Original Mod

Heroes of the Apocalypse





First Appearance

Caravan of Heroes - Part 1


Grimes Family






Temporary Companions

Rick Grimes was a temporary companion of Al that was featured on Al's review of the Heroes of the Apocalypse mod.


Rick Grimes first appeared in the Caravan of Heroes Part 1. He was repeating the name of his son "Carl" each time after Al said it. Al then brought Rick, Chakan, Mad Max, and Robert Nerville inside the Grizzly Caravan base where they are first instructed to clean up the Brahmin dung within their pen. After they were done, the five went along with a man named Chad and the caravaneers of Grizzly Caravan to bring them safely to the NCR Outpost. Throughout the review, Rick wandered off away from the caravan, which caused Al to become frustrated. Along with that, he ended up killing members of the caravan in part 2 of the Caravan of Heroes. Al was forced to revert to the last save point to start from there on. It is unknown what happened to Grimes after the Caravan of Heroes mod review was over.


  • Rick Grimes used the Mysterious Stranger's magnum throughtout the entire three part mod review.
  • Rick Grimes is from the hit AMC television show called The Walking Dead.
  • Al concluded that Rick Grimes was trying to find his son "Carl" when he starting running off in part 2 of the Caravan of Heroes.

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