Rick-E is a beautifully re-textured Eyebot who was introduced to everyone in Al's Toy Store in the episode Bad Mothaf*cka.

Origins Edit

It is unknown just how exactly Rick-E came to be recruited by Al, but all we know is that he was just present in Al's Toy Store "checking stuff out" at the beginning of the first episode he was featured in. His body has glowing red lights all over it, and his body looks as though it has seen some action out in the wasteland.

Appearances Edit

He was with Al throughout the two episodes he was featured in, helping complete some odd-jobs for random people, such as Lana Hughes, Gregory Hughes, Crazy Jimmy, Leyla Hughes, Strange Man, Sunny Mustard, ect.

He was actually killed by Al himself when he hurled a muffin-grenade far into the distance, at least a mile or two, the explosion (almost instantly after impact) somehow big enough to cripple Al's right arm, Janet's left leg and right arm, and Mister Cuddlesworth's torso and left leg. It was also powerful enough to kill Crazy Jimmy, temporarily knock Jerry unconscious, and to deal 4 rads to the entire 3 mile radius for almost ten seconds. Sadly, Rick-E was killed in the explosion. Al said he would be forever missed, but kept laughing from the insanity of the muffin-grenade.

Trivia Edit

  • Rick-E died outside of Gun Runners.
  • While Al was talking, he found himself looking at Janet's private parts, and then compared Rick-E's gun to a penis.
  • Rick-E's brother, ED-E, is also dead, according to Al.

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