Rex is a companion in the game Fallout: New Vegas, and has followed AlChestBreach on several occasions. Even though he was resurrected, he is once again deceased.

Rexy Boy

An image of Rex.


Rex was a common companion among Al's companions. He is an in-game companion that you can get in Freeside. Rex is known for standing in the doorway blocking Al's way to get out. Even though Rex is annoying at times Al is very close to him, as he is with all of his companions that don't speak. In the New Vegas Bounties II series, Rex is killed by a Fiend ambush. Al got very sad and went out of his way to make a montage for his funeral. During the funeral PaladinV0ci comes and brings Rex back to life. Rex has gotten killed a number of times since then, and is almost a recurring theme for the character. After his initial ressurrection, Rex hasn't been seen since.


  • Ever since his resurrection Rex has been known to become hostile because of a misfire/explosion causing Al to have to kill him or disable him.
  • Rex also frequently dies a lot, an example would be during the video Fallout New Vegas Mods: Willow Companion - Part 1 were Al discovers Teddy Bear Charges and then decides to test one out, not knowing the power of the Charge accidentally kills Rex.
  • Unlike most every other companion in the core game, Al likes Rex, and felt genuinely bad when he died in New vegas Bounties II.
  • Rex has his own special video for his Funeral.
  • Rex was on the background of AlChestBreach's Youtube channel, along with a Brahmin.
  • Rex is the only companion to have died over 30 times.