Original Mod


First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Harry Mason Companion - Silent Hill!


Ronald Dillinger (Possible leader/founder)
Stanley (Spy/leader)
A.R.t.h.R. Marconi
Doctor Madison
Various AlChestBreach Clones



Sand-sharks (Mercenary company)



The Resistance are citizens of the Mojave that have decided to take up arms against the Radios and Business Radroaches. Their forces are made up of humans, AlChestBreach Clones, and a mercenary company named the Sand-sharks.

Origin Edit

At some point after the Radios and Business Radroaches took over the Mojave the Resistance were formed, presumably with the help of Ronald Dillinger.

Appearances Edit

They first appear during New Vegas Mods: Harry Mason Companion - Silent Hill! where they attacked Crier Breach and took Captain Ballarms and Mister Cuddlesworth and knocked out Crier with a trapped Protectron.

They later appeared in New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 1 where they attacked the Hidden Valley base of the Radios. They were defeated by Crier after he killed their leader, the clone X0286. When Crier was replaced with Crier T811B, he was tasked with infiltrating another base under the guise of an informant. He was then ambushed by the Sand-sharks; a mercenary company hired by the Resistance. It was then revealed that a Business Radroach named Stanley was a traitor to the Business Radroaches and attacked Crier with his commandos.

Later, Crier destroyed the Sand-sharks and made his way to Resistance headquarters where they found Janet and A.J. hiding there. Crier then killed Stanley, but failed to capture Janet and A.J., failing to destroy the Resistance.

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