This page is about a robot named after Ballarms. For other robots named similarly, go to the Captain Ballarms, Not-Ballarms, Ball², or Chef Ballarms pages.

Red Ballarms is a reactivated Protectron found in the Vermont Superstructure during New Vegas Mods: The Rockwell Pursuit- Part 21.


Protectron (known to Al as Red Ballarms or Replacement Ballarms) was found by Al when he was told by Sir Paddington to kill the Tantrum Hive Queen in the Superstructure Wreck Room Boarding. He came across a Protectron and activated it, but never renaming it in-game. 


Red Ballarms only appears in 4 parts, where he is reactivated, and the end of the series. Red Ballarms helped Al in defeating the Tantrum Hive Queen and followed him throughout the series until the end, where he still follows him back to the Mojave in which Al is annoyed at. 

Since Captain Ballarms was sent back in time, Red Ballarms served as a temporary replacement. 


  • Interestingly, named robots in the review such as Gubbs, Gubbs 2.0, and Schlumps would have died, but as Red Ballarms wasn't named in-game he survived until the end.