Original Mod

House of Horrors

First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: House of Horrors - Part 3


Radiohead (Return of Ballarms!)
Captain RadioArms
Jerry McRadioBerry
Mister Radiosworth
Mister Cuddlesworth
Jerry McGhoulBerry
Captain Ballarms
a.R.t.h.R. Marconi (Formerly)



Radios (Creators)
Business Radroaches



Radioheads are people and creatures who have been captured by the Radios and were equipped with mind control helmets that resemble Radios, hence their name.

Origin Edit

In New Vegas Mods: House of Horrors - Part 3 when Al killed a Radio in a sewer, a group of Radioheads emerged from nowhere and attacked Al and killed Private Jenson.

Appearances Edit

They are basically the foot soldiers of the Radios' army, although there are a few intelligent ones. One intellignent Radiohead was in charge of Captain Ballarms' simulations and an infant A.J. in Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Ballarms!.

In New Vegas Mods: Attack Of The Radios! - Part 2, when Al was looking inside a secret compound for a Radio Commander that has been sending Radios after him, the commander attacked him and sent Radiohead clones of Al's Companions. They were Captain RadioArms, Jadio, Jerry McRadioBerry, Mister Radiosworth and Steve-io. He killed everyone in the compound and then blew it up.

In New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas, Mister Cuddlesworth, Jerry McGhoulBerry, Steve and Captain Ballarms were captured by the Radios and turned into Radioheads, although unaware of their nature, seeing Radios as something else and Crier Breach as the real Al, according to Dave the Radio.

After the Radios and Business Radroaches took over the Mojave, they sent patrols consisting of one Radio Officer Radiohead variant and several Human rangers starting from New Vegas Mods: Axe Man! - Part 1 after they rebuilt Goodsprings.

In New Vegas Mods: Exterminators II - Part 1 it is revealed that some Radios broke away from the other Radios and became a resistance as the Radios and Business Radroaches agreed to ban certain music. One of the members is a Radiohead named a.R.t.h.R. Marconi who was living in the Lone Wolf Radio trailer.

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Trivia Edit

  • Some variants are missing the tuner, showing the hosts' forehead.