Radio King



Original Mod

Can you trust a radio




Cazador (Disguise)

First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?!

Last Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?!








The Radio King is a Radio that rules over the NCRCF taken over by Radios.

Origin Edit

After Al killed a Radio that trapped him in a cell made out of Radios, he met a man named aRiD outside that helps him find the Radios' compound. WHen they reached the compound aRiD revealed himself to be a friendly Radio, but was killed by one of the guards. Al then rampaged into the compound and stopped at the store room to play with toys and to blow up a Random Comment in a holding cell. He then made it to the office where he met the Radio King. Al attempts to kill him, but the Radio King disappears into the room behind him.

Al goes into the dark room and after being scared by sudden giant teddy bears surrounding him, the Radio King turns on the lights and reveals himself as a giant Cazador. Al then kills him in seconds due to fear and then leaves the facility.

It is unknown who took his place as the leader of the Radios.

Appearances Edit

He only appears in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?! in its only episode.

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