"You think I'm going to fall for that, Albert?"
―The Radio Commander

The Radio Commander is a Radio leading the radios in the Mojave Wasteland following the demise of his predecessor, the Radio King.

Origin Edit

When the NCR created Radios that can spy on their enemies, they started to rebel. A Radio that would be known as the Radio Commander stayed behind in their secret bunker where they were created to see through their operations.

Appearances Edit

In New Vegas Mods: Tribes of Red Rock - Part 1 he sends Radios to attack him. He appears physically in New Vegas Mods: Attack Of The Radios! - Part 2 where he meets Al after finding their secret compound. Al tries to talk his way out but instead dies a few times from his companions' clones. After killing everyone, including the Radio Commander, he blows up the compound.

In Hopper31's video ...? it was revealed that the Radio Commander survived the attack and was extracted by two Business Radroaches, burning and barely functioning, and was escorted to safety before Al blew up the facility.

As of recent, primarily in various montages, a strange and mysterious being wearing a suit and bearing a radio for a head has beset upon AlChestBreach and company, most likely the Radio Commander cybernetically augmented onto the body for life support. His current intentions remain a mystery, although dark times are certainly upon the Mojave.