Radios are a type of device used by the Business Radroaches to presumably brainwash unsuspecting wastelanders all across the Mojave Wasteland. As shown in the video Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Janet!, they also allow communication between the Business Radroaches, and due to either some sort of voice-hiding module or simply a language difference, it is potentially impossible to tell whether or not a Business Radroach is using a radio. This is because the radios produce simple static when they are in use by Radroaches. It is speculated that jukeboxes are a much more advanced type of Radios allowing for even more dastardly deeds.

Preceding the events of Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?!, the radios were led by the nefarious and dastardly entity known as the Radio King, a malevolent crimelord who overtook the New California Republic Correctional Facility, transforming it into a radio fortress, where he oversaw operations. Following Al's successful infiltration of the fortress, the two eventually confronted one another, the Radio King revealing it's true form, Al's worst fear; a giant cazador. Al defeated the villain and, for a period of time, the radios were thought to be defunct. It wasn't until New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 2 that Al realized this to be untrue.

Following the Radio King's demise, his power was succeeded by the Radio Commander, who had launched the full-scale attack in New Vegas Mods: Tribes of Red Rock - Part 1. Al crossed the battlefields and made his way into a sewer-vault, where the Radio Commander awaited him in the Overseer's office. Al was surrounded. The Radio Commander in front of him, rapid-fire engaged, and radio-possessed doppelgangers of each of his companions closing in from every direction. Al managed to defy all odds and bring down the Commander, winning the war.

It was later revealed in ...? that the Radio Commander was rescued from the wreckage by the Business Radroaches and escorted to safety, wounded and barely functioning. As of recent, primarily in various montages, a strange and mysterious being wearing a suit and bearing a radio for a head has beset upon AlChestBreach and company, most likely the Radio Commander cybernetically augmented onto the body for life support. His current intentions remain a mystery, although dark times are certainly upon the Mojave.


The Radios were originally created by the NCR as a form of surveillance device. The project was a success, managing to find and capture many Legion soldiers thanks to the info they gathered. But after Al began his crusade against the Radios, the NCR began project "R4-A1" which would allow the Radios to emit sound waves that would harm anyone or anything that would damage them. They even began to give the radios AI's, so that they can give orders to them. However, the radios did not attack at first due to a malfunction and as a result the NCR increased their aggression settings. But soon the Radios became self aware, with one even being able to extract data from the facility they were built in. The same radio that extracted data soon went rouge, and managed to kill all of the NCR personnel. The Radio soon decided to declare war on Al, as a means of revenge for killing his kind.

Al goes out of his way to destroy jukeboxes and radios whenever he encounters them. A lot of the time he injures and sometimes even kills NPC's because of the explosions they produce upon destruction. Jukeboxes detonate in a much more violent and shrapnel-filled explosion, and take a good amount of seconds before they actually blow up. It is unknown how these horrifying, draconian inventions made their way all across the wasteland, but we can assume a wizard did it.

Appearances Edit

During the Breach House Hunting videos, Al revealed that he was raped by a radio, which is the reason for his hatred towards them.

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?!, Al confronted and killed the twisted leader of the radios, named the Radio King, after murdering many radios disguised as humans over at the recently captured NCR Correctional Facility. It was also revealed that radios are capable of metamorphosing into humans capable of fighting.

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Alice in Wasteland - Part 2, it is shown that regular radios are capable to actually physically harm people.

In Fallout New Vegas Montages - The Return of Ballarms, sometime after Ballarms was sent back in time to DC with Al's son, the radios captured the two and brought them to a secret facility in the Dry Canyon. After wiping Ballarms' memory, the radios put him in multiple simulations in order to convince him and Al's son to help the radio, however Ballarms resisted every attempt. After 49 simulations, the Radios decide to have Ballarms and Al's son put to death, until Al's son breaks free of his confinement, rescues Ballarms, and escapes the facility with him. The radios and the facility were both destroyed by a dynamite bundle set by the escapees.

They make their last official New Vegas montage appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas, where they are first seen after Al has fallen into the sewers. While he is trapped there, it is revealed that their ultimate plan has been set into motion, as they begin attacking Freeside with clones of Al that they created alongside the Business Radroaches, shooting a number of civilians in the process. They manage to capture Al in the Lucky 38 with their created Leader, Cunty McLean, after revealing their plan to take over New Vegas through a clone army. Once captured, they reveal to Al that he has been sentenced to death thanks to his arch-nemesis, Doctor GarbageCan, an affiliate of theirs, and attempt to lock him back up in his cell before he escapes with the rest of his gang. At the end of the montage, they are able to capture Mister Cuddlesworth, Captain Ballarms, Steve, and Jerry McGhoulBerry, with Crier Breach acting as the new Al as they begin taking over the wasteland.


  • Al uses the Bubba Shot the Jukebox mod to destroy jukeboxes and radios.
    • It's possible he just destroys them because he's afraid of copyright, but in countless other videos the songs have played and there was no copyright issues whatsoever. However, Al does not dislike the music of Fallout: New Vegas, as in Attack of the Radios he states that he does indeed enjoy the music.
  • Radios may have developed an immunity to bullet as evidenced in New Vegas Mods: City of Adventurers! - Part 1.
  • It's also possible that Al has developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder towards radios after completing Dead Money, seeing as radios are indeed highly dangerous in Dead Money. It should be noted that Al didn't begin destroying (or interacting with) radios until after Dead Money's release, though because Al has never actually shown his playthrough of Dead Money because we can just as easily assume his hate of radios popping up after Dead Money's release is sheer coincidence, we can never know what horrors he may or may NOT have gone through, leaving much of this as sheer speculation. This was reinforced in Fallout New Vegas: Project Brazil part 4 in which Al says to the Overseer, "Can we turn the radio off, I'm afraid of radios," Which could mean that he did suffer through Dead Money, but this is still a speculation.
  • The Radio King possessed the ability to transform into Al's greatest fear: a giant Cazador. However, when he was defeated, he turned back into a radio.
  • Al sometimes says and does things that lead many to believe that the radios are sentient beings. For example, during Fallout New Vegas Mods: Novac Public Library! he attempts to destroy two hefty radios with purple and brown color palletes, neither of which explode. He then tells Steve that he thinks they're "evolving" and to keep quiet about it. Another example would be that during the Courier's Cache review he tries to punch a radio to make it explode since he is unarmed at the time. Unable to do so, he instead grabs nearby Pre-war money and "suffocates" it.
  • A radio appears on the current background of Al's channel.
  • In Fallout New Vegas: Breach House Hunting Part 1, he touched a radio when he wasn't supposed to, causing him to go into a massive radio maze, which contained a few ghouls to deal with. 
  • Ham radios don't seem to be evil, therefore Al doesn't shoot them.
  • A single radio is found in FNV Mods: Liberty Reloaded & The Canyons Have Eyes - 1, in the power installation section of the house Al had been reviewing. It appears that he had been trying to build something.
  • They may have been involved during Al's hunt for a sheriff's brother in FNV Mods: Liberty Reloaded & The Canyons Have Eyes - 2, in the creation of abnormally large mutated humans with deformed faces, as the cave where the mutants lived in had radios.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?!, they seemed to have captured the NCRCF from the Powder Gangers. Also, in that same episode, Al almost said to aRiD, a friendly radio, that the Radio's had killed his parents.
    • The radios made a wall at the NCRCF made out of giant radios.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Modded - Part 72 , Al has come to the conclusion that the Radios have developed some sort of duplication technology, as he killed a radio, then later returned to it's location, only to find it had appeared again.
    • This was reinforced when the Radios cloned Al multiple times.
  • Several indestructible radios appear during Al's review of For The Enclave 2.0, including one inside of Al's room in Henderson Bunker, which he grudgingly allows to stay.
  • In Fallout 3 Mods: Old World Secrets - Part 3, it was revealed that they are working with Michael Wilson, a rogue mercenary attempting to destroy the Capital Wasteland with a hydrogen missile.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Help Wanted - Part 2, it was revealed that a Radio was the leader of the Men of Mayhem, a gang of pyromaniacs living in Freeside.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bounty Bonus Quests - Part 5, it was revealed that Blood-Hammer, his Fiends and the Radios made a failed clone of Al, named Mister Breach, whom they used as their bomb maker. Mister Breach was later killed by Al.
  • In New Vegas Mods: Blue Hotel - Part 3, as Al descended miles and miles deeper into the sewer, he eventually found an area not filled with monsters, and he noticed a Radroach on the other side of a small wall. When Al made his way over the wall, two enormous radios came out of nowhere and crushed him.
  • Since the inclusion of the Animated Fan Mod in Fallout New Vegas Mods: New Aerotech - Park 1, Al has extended his genocide of common mechanical devices that can be destroyed to fans.
    • This may be because in Al's ALS Challenge video, when Steve flipped the switch on the device, Al was crushed by tons of fans and broken cars.
  • Recently it seems that the radios have begun to encroach into Nipton. As a Radio General is seen in the Flamingo Grand Casino in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Nipton Rebuilt - Part 6 .
  • Radios recently sent "Radioheads", men wearing radios on their heads and wielding knives, to attack Al in New Vegas Mods: House of Horrors - Part 3 , after Al tried to destroy a radio. This could be Al having hallucinations, though Private Jenson did die in the attack, whom Al promptly brought back to life.
  • Sometimes Al has been known to refer to jukeboxes as the "corporals" or "lieutenants" of the radio ranks.
  • Sometimes when radios don't break, there is just a glass shattering noise.
  • During New Vegas Mods: Vanessa - Part 3 , whilst exploring the expanded Cerulean Robotics building for Dr. Mengelele, Al found an operating room with lots of machinery, and a gore bag on the operating table. In the back of the room were several screens in the wall with Mr. Houses face on them. Below that was a radio on a desk, and when Al shot it it rose up into the air and spun higher and higher until it exploded, causing a small sand tornado to enter the room, similar to the ones in Goodsprings. This frightened Al, as it was very unnatural.
  • A friendly radio appears in A Fallout Halloween - Ghoul Cop! locked in the jail in Ghoul City. He offered Al information on the whereabouts of Captain Ballarms, but was ignored by Al. Al then later uses him to play Thriller in order to distract the ghoul police force, before abandoning the radio.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Toy Store!, when Al shot an Evolved Radio with The Debugger - a gun designed to destroy said radio -, it did not die in a fiery burst of smoke or sparks, but in a dramatically tiny, echoing, mushroom cloud that caused Al to laugh. This may have been done by the mod author as a humorous joke.
  • Their secret base is actually located in Hidden Valley.
  • The first official named radio appears in New Vegas Mods: Project Ascension - Part 1. His name is Dave and he is charge of the captivity and control of Al's captured companions.
  • Members of the Radios appear in New Vegas Mods: BlackWater - Part 2 down in the sewers alongside Stanley, a member of the Business Radroaches. When Crier Breach spots them, they close the door to their room where a number of test tubes and bodies are. It is unknown what they were doing down in the sewers.
  • There are actually some radios that oppose the main radios. Some have a base under Doc Mitchell's house and a.R.t.h.R. Marconi, a notable Radiohead resistance fighter.

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