Several Jingles have been written for use on RLF by the Fans.

Intro SongEdit

by TommyGunn13

RLF, RLF they’re the freaking best

RLF, RLF the best podcast from East to West

With Al, Matt, Reggie, Nicholi, Sych and Guests

It’s R…L…F!

Comments Song

by TommyGunn13

The videos on YouTube have a place called the comments section,

We’re people can write out, heartfelt and thoughtful reflections,

Of the videos they just watched, like here on RLF on Wednesdays.

Now the gang will read a few…

It’s really hard to rhyme the word Wednesdays.

Fan Art Song

by TommyGunn13

From the Fans,

From the Heart,

It’s RLF Fan Art!

Advice Corner Song

by TommyGunn13

RLF Advice corner time,

Where you write in and tell them what’s on your mind,

They have experience and wisdom indeed,

They might even give advice you kind of need.

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