Zombie Survival Adventure Part II Edit

After two weeks at sea the remaining friends, Al, Sych and Reggie as well as three soldiers have run out of drinkable water and most of their food. After a short discussion on whether or not to eat one of the soldiers they friends decide that would be a bad idea, as the soldiers still have their guns.

The friends are short on resources and have no real weapons to speak of. As their boat rocks gently on the waves the friends notice a flare in the night sky an hour before dawn.

The friends decide to turn and make their way towards the flare, after a while they find land and decide to dock and go ashore. As they approach the beach they notice that the area is very calm and quiet. There are no people or Zombies in the immediate area that they can see.  Reggie’s first reaction is that they should turn around and leave, but after a moment she changes her mind and they proceed to make landfall.

Along the beach there are other boats that are similar in size to the one the friends are on. As they go ashore one of the soldiers notices a cabin in the distance with smoke coming out of the chimney. Now the friends have to decide if they are going to go into the cabin or go past and hope to find a road that may lead them somewhere they can find supplies.

The friends decide it’s worth the risk to search the cabin for food, as they enter the cabin they see that there has been some kind of altercation. The chairs are knocked over on the floor, the couch is pushed up against one of the other doors and there are miscellaneous items strew about.

Suddenly two Zombies appear from around a corner on Sych’s right side. As Sych tries to get away he stumbles and falls backwards onto the floor. As he falls his left leg is impaled by a broken rod sticking out of the floor. It doesn’t hit any arteries but it does hurt like a son of a bitch.

Quickly, Reggie and two of the soldiers take out the Zombies as Al stands in a corner watching. “Ooo, ooo, ooo, oh no is that ok?” Al says to Sych as the third soldier pulls Sych up off the floor and bandages is leg.

After searching through the cabin and not finding anything worth taking the friends decide to keep going, after walking for just over a mile they finally come across a road. As they are trying to decide which way to go, left or right, three Zombies come shambling out of the bushes towards Al who doesn’t see them.

Al who has no weapons and little to no strength is standing near the road thinking to himself, he suddenly remembers that the first time the word Zombie was recorded in English was in 1819. Wondering what made him think of this random bit of trivia he is startled by the three Zombies that are now almost on top of him. As Al falls to the ground he is uninjured, however the rest of the group is too far away to be able to help him. As two of the Zombies lung forward Al’s first thought is ‘kiss them’ however this is almost immediately replaced with shock and surprise as two ice picks slam into the Zombies heads and the third one is brained with a baseball bat.

“We’ve got the get the fuck out of here!” Al hears an unfamiliar voice from behind him.

The group run over and help up Al and take a quick look at the new comer, then they hear the bushes rustle and there is now a herd of Zombies shambling towards them. Twenty, thirty, no forty plus Zombies are now closing in the group and the new comer.

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