Zombie Survival Adventure Part I Edit

April 21st 2013:

It’s an average evening, the boys are having a game night at ‘Moon Base Alpha’. Al, Matt, Sych and Nicholi’s sister are over at Nicholis. Suddenly the emergency signal starts blaring on the T.V.

“Fuckin’ Zombies Bro! Shit’s going crazy! Like fuckin’ Zombies!” the extremely panicked reported says as he runs off screen and the image cuts out.

Suddenly everyone’s phones start buzzing and beeping as the texts and calls come in. It’s real there are actually Zombies it’s confirmed.

“Fuck…!” Al looks up from his phone.

More messages come in warning people to stay inside, lock their doors, hide their dogs and cats. The friends take a quick inventory of their supplies. They have enough food to last them six days, as well as three baseball bats, one driving iron, an air soft gun, two flash lights, and a car with half a tank of gas.

The friends start to come up with a game plan, many good and bad ideas are tossed around. Including going to the hospital and trying to go find gas for the car. Going to a prison and staying put for the time being.

As they decide on a course of action the friends split up. Matt and Sych go out to the shed in the back yard to check for anything that may be useful as a tool or weapon. Al and Nicholi’s sister stay in the house and begin packing the food and water and other supplies into any backpacks or bags they can find so that it’s ready to go at short notice.

Matt and Sych find a couple of hammers, a wood chopping axe and a small hatchet and a ladder in the shed and bring them back into the house with them. They come up with a plan to barricade the stairs, the only way into the house, and use the ladder to get in and out.

After getting any useful items out of the shed and bringing the food water and other supplies upstairs the friends begin to text their family and friends to see who is still alive and where they are.

With day one drawing to a close no one had gotten a response from any of the texts they have sent, as they secure the house as best they can they all eventually fall asleep upstairs. So far no Zombies have been sighted or heard.

On the second day they receive a text from Nicholi telling them that he is at the hospital with his mother, they were there for a Doctor’s appointment and are now being kept there by the authorities.

On the third day they receive a text message from Jim telling them that the hospital had been over run and that everyone there was dead. Jim also lets them know that he is safe at home with some gear and that he has heard there is sanctuary out East.

They pass this information on to Reggie, they also have no luck in trying to contact Nicholi to see if he and his mom made it out of the hospital before it was overrun.

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