Ski Trip Survival Short Edit

Al, Matt, Sych & Reggie go on a Ski Trip without Nicholi who is in the Hospital. They do however take Nicholi’s car and money with them.

After a long day of skiing, mostly falling a lot and getting cold for Matt the friends head back to the ski lodge to relax and have dinner. In the adjacent room there is a family of four with two boys fifteen and ten. Other than that there aren’t any other people staying in the lodge, it’s a quite weekday. Suddenly the power goes out.

“Every fuckin’ place.” Al shakes his head in dismay.

 “Why do we go anywhere?” Matt jumps up out of his chair.

Just as suddenly the power comes back on. As the friends are breathing a sigh of relief they hear screaming coming from the room the family is staying in.

Everyone looks around at one another not sure what to do at first. Matt starts to grab a few pillows to make a pillow fort.

“Really?” Reggie looks at Matt with a slightly disbelieving look.

“No of course not, I’m going to go see what’s going on.” Matt tosses the pillows on the floor.

Al walks over and grabs the T.V. and starts to go over to the window to toss it out when there is a loud pounding on the door.

Sych answers the door, it’s the Dad from next door. He looks frantic and worried.

“My ten year old son has gone missing, can you help us find him?” The Dad gives the friends a pleading look.

Matt walks over and agrees to help. “When was the last time you saw him?”

“Right before the power went out.” The Dad relaxes a bit, but still has a worried look on his face.

As Matt is asking the questions Reggie turns to Al. “What were you going to do with the T.V.?”

Al sets the T.V. down on the floor under the window. “I was going to throw the window out the T.V.”

Reggie gives Al a questioning look and then turns her attention back to Matt and the Dad.

“How long was the power out?” Matt asks as the Dad glances back at the door to his room.

“About two seconds.” The Dad seems to be getting a bit antsy.

“Ah, and he was just gone?” Matt looks back at Sych who shrugs his shoulders.

“Yeah he was.” The Dad is visibly shaken as the fact that his son disappeared in two seconds sets in.

Matt takes a half step back into the room. “Fuck me! Are you kidding me that sounds like some black voodoo shit.”

“No we need to go to the room and look for secret entrances and exits like in Scooby Doo.” Reggie steps up to the door and gives the Dad a reassuring look.

Matt takes a breath and regains his composure. “Your right, we have to go look.”

The Friends follow the Dad down the hall to his room and begin to look around. They soon realize that there isn’t anything odd or unusual about the room and decide to split up and search the rest of the lodge.

Sych takes the Mom and the Dad to search one of the rooms. Al and the other son go to search one of the other rooms and Matt and Reggie go off to search a room.

The Mother shows them all a picture of the boy on her phone before they split up to search. He’s got brown hair wearing a blue sweatshirt, blue jeans and his name is Michel. The mom explains as she is showing the picture.

There are five rooms in the lodge that the three teams can go and search, Sych decides that he and the parents will go check out room one. Al decides that he and the other son will check out room three and Matt decides that he and Reggie will check out room four.

Sych and the parents make their way to room one, when they open the door they are greeted by two people wearing Sychie Boy masks with knives in their hands. Sych and the parents pause a moment in the doorway before the two rush towards them. Sych jumps back out of the doorway and knocks the Dad back. The Mother who is too terrified to move is set upon by the two masked figures and is brutally murdered. Sych grabs the Dad and runs back to the room.

Meanwhile Al and the boy go to room three, Al hesitates for a moment before opening the door. The boy looks at Al and then walks into the room. The lights flicker a few times, the room is empty there is nothing there. Al breathes a sigh of relief, he’s a bit freaked out by the dark room so the two quickly head back to the room.

As Matt and Reggie open the door to room four, inside the room is a man wearing a Russian hat with dueling pistols, he is pointing the pistols at Matt and Reggie’s heads. Matt drops to the floor immediately and scrambles down the hall. Reggie hesitates and is shot point blank in the head.

“Holly fuckin’ shit what is going on!” Matt watches as Reggie’s body drops to the floor. The blood begins to pool in the doorway.

Sych and the Dad, Al and the brother and Matt all meet up back at the room. The dad who is distraught and crying is sitting in a chair in the corner. Al and the boy are sitting on the bed, Al has his legs pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. Matt shows up last, he has a distant look in his eyes and simple comes in the room and sits down on the opposite side of the bed from Al and the boy.

“Did someone get brutally murdered? Did one of your people get brutally murdered?” Matt finally asks as he sits on the edge of the bed.

“Naw dude all good on this front.” Sych smiles to himself glade to be alive. The Dad just continues to cry in the corner.

“Because Taters got brutally murdered by a guy in room four with two guns.” Matt gets up off the bed the adrenaline kicking in again as Matt relives the incident in his head.

The boy looks up at Matt. “We found an empty room.”

“Oh I lied, I lied.” Sych turns to the brother sitting next to Al. “Your mom’s dead.”

The boy jumps off the bed and runs over to his dad. “Dad I love you.” He sobs as he throws himself into the father’s arms.

The group decides to go to the main office of the lodge and look for a phone or car keys. Since Reggie had the keys to Nicholi’s car on her when she was murdered.

When they arrive at the main office they find the Psycho killer’s stash of knives and guns. The dad takes a knife, Sych takes a gun and Matt takes a gun, Al takes a knife. They decide that the boy shouldn’t have a knife.

They turn to leave and find the exit door chained shut, the main office was a trap and the only way out is for them to take the hallway that leads out the side entrance, having to pass several rooms along the way. Matt and Sych check their guns and have eighteen bullets between them.

As they approach the first room on the right they find two crazy killers inside waiting for them. Matt pulls his gun and takes out the two using four bullets to kill the two. Matt turns back to the group and waves them on as they continue down the hallway.

Al approaches the next room on the left and finds one killer inside waiting. Al ducks down in the doorway as Matt steps up behind him and shoots the killer using two more bullets. Al gets up and they continue down the hallway.

Sych approaches the next room on the left a opens the door. There is one killer waiting in the room. Sych pulls his gun and manages to kill the guy, however it takes him three bullets. He shakes his head as he continues down the hallway. “That was stupid, I could have used the knife.”

Matt approaches the next room on the right and opens the door. There is no one in the room, Matt turns to the group and waves them on. He checks the room a second time before as he follows the other down the hallway.

Al approaches the next room on the left, inside are four people. Sych uses his last six bullets to take out two of the killers, Matt uses two of his remaining three bullets to take out the third killer and wounds the fourth with his last bullet. Matt grabs the knife out of Al’s hand and lunges at the last killer while he is dazed from the shot and Matt manages to plunge it into the killer’s chest, stabbing him in the heart. The group makes their way down the hallway.

Sych approaches the last room on the right, inside the room is one last killer. Sych pulls a knife from his belt. He takes his empty gun and throws it at the killer who staggers back as the gun hits him in the face. Sych leaps forward and stabs the killer in the stomach, twisting the knife and then pushing himself back as the killer falls to the floor bleeding profusely.

The other run past the room as Sych is killing the last psycho and find a S.U.V. with the keys in it and a full tank of gas. Sych joins them and they all get away from the lodge.

A few hours into the ride home, Matt and Sych are sitting in the second row of seats. The Dad and the boy are in the third row of seats in the back crying. Al is up front alone driving.

Matt looks over at Sych. “Hey, where is Michel anyway?”

Sych looks back and the dad and boy and then back at Matt and shrugs his shoulders. “Don’t know.” Sych looks over at Al in the front seat who is using the S.U.V.’s phone to talk to Nicholi who is home from the hospital by now.

Al just finished tell the story of how they made it out of the hallway. “Oh and by the way Reggie is dead.” There is dead air on the phone for a moment before Nicholi responds.

The friends spend the rest of the trip home in silence. Sych’s attempt to start a sing a long didn’t go over too well.

                                                                                The End

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