Mayan Temple AdventureEdit

The friends are on vacation in South America in an unnamed country. They are hanging out in the hotel bar enjoying a few drinks when they are approached by two men, who place a bag of money on the table in front of them. They are told that the money is only part of the fortune that awaits them in a lost Mayan temple. The two men ask them if they would be interested in exploring the temple for a cut of the fortune. Nicholi immediately asks if they are going to be given weapons. When he is told that they are indeed going to be furnished with weapons he leans back in his chair and boldly states. “If I need a gun, I don’t want to be there. Because I’m on vacation!”

After deciding to go the three are taken to the temple in an S.U.V. by the two men. They arrive at the Temple, a pyramid with strange images carved into the side of it. The two men tell them that they will be waiting outside the temple as they believe the temple to be cursed. However since the three are American’s they should be able to enter the temple no problem.

Once inside the three head down a passage into a large open room that appears to be an auditorium, down on the stage is an Alter where the three believe that sacrifices would have been offered to the Gods. Nicholi checks the map to get their bearings, and notices that they can proceed through a set of doors behind the Alter.

Al decides to take a closer look at the Alter and notices that there are perforated holes on the sides of the Alter that lead down into crevices that lead to the door. Meanwhile Nicholi and Sych are looking around the room and notice weapons laying around. Each one of them decides to take a dagger, and continues to explore. They find a staff made of stone in the back of the room, Nicholi decides to take the staff and as he gets closer to the doors the ornate topper on the staff begins to glow.

Al backs away from the Alter as Nicholi gets closer to the door and it begins to shutter, and as the staff touches the doors they fly open and dust blows into the hallway. They notice that the trenches for the blood are used to close the doors.

The three start walking down the hallway and arrive at a big circular room. There are three hallways in front of them to choose from. The hallways are dark and they can’t see too much. Sych decides to go left while Al decides to go down the middle hallway and Nicholi decides to go down the right hallway.

Nicholi proceeds down the hallway and turns right and enters a room filled with jars along the walls as well as two caskets beside one another.

Sych proceeds down the left hallway and notices writing on the wall, very small writing written in English with a marker. Up ahead there are flickering lights, Sych decides to check the writing on the wall and discovers that the writing says ‘Help Me…’. As Sych is reading the words he feels a pressure plate beneath him sink down but sees no sign of the trap he’s triggered.

Meanwhile Al made his way down the middle hallway and enters a room with a pedestal with a shining gold Idol on it. Al looks up and sees eight axes hanging from the ceiling motionless. As he continues to look around Al hears a click. He checks the axes again but they are still motionless.

Nicholi decides to look at the jars and notices that a few of them are filled with gold coins, as he pulls the lids off the other jars he finds gems and rubies, the size of a tangerine. He starts shoving coins and gems into his pockets. As he is doing this he hears a click and the caskets start to sink into the floor. He tries to run out the door but it slams closed, as he looks back into the room he notices large spikes coming out of holes on the walls. The walls begin to close in as the spikes emerge from them.

Sych turns and runs down the hall towards the lights, as he enters the room he finds himself up on a ledge looking down on a crew of men working down below, they look to be carrying mining equipment. Sych sneaks around the ledge trying not to be noticed.

Al starts to makes his way towards the hallway when the Idol’s eyes begin to glow red, Al hears the Terminator theme in his head as he watches the glowing eyes of the Idol. The Idol begins to shake on the pedestal, Al grabs the Idol and immediately falls to the floor. As Al hits the floor he hears a click and the axes begin to swing above him, he’s safe however as his small size allows him to avoid the axes blades.

Nicholi notices that the walls have stopped closing in, not sure why he breathes a sigh of relief.

Sych is making his way along the ledge, as he is moving along he notices a guard standing on the opposite side of the room, the guard doesn’t seem to have noticed Sych.

Al is still on the floor holding the Idol as the blades continue to swing above him, he realizes that he can crawl out of the room, or try and hit the switch that he noticed on the side of the pedestal.

Nicholi noticed that the door has opened back up and the casket has risen back up however there is a gap under the casket that he could fit through. Nicholi considers his options, go down below the casket to the lower level or try and back track and meet up with either Al or Sych.

Meanwhile Sych has decided to throw a rock to distract the guard while he makes his way across the rest of the ledge. Sych grabs a small rock and is getting ready to throw it when he hears someone whispering trying to get his attention. “Ssspptt!” Sych turns and see’s a small German boy dressed in a suit and short pants. The boy shakes his head “Nein, nein my friend!” Sych looks at the boy.

“Don’t throw the rock, come over here.” The boy waves Sych over. Sych makes his way over towards the young boy, the guard starts to turn towards where Sych is. The young boy runs out on the other side of the ledge and calls out to the guard. “Mister, mister! I heard something over there!” The guard looks down to where the boy was pointing as Sych makes his way off the ledge and out of sight of the guard. The guard turns back to the boy. “Shut up Sven!” The guard then turns back to watch over the room.

Al decides to crawl out from the room into the next hallway. As he’s going his shirt is cut by one of the blades. As he gets up after making it safely into the hallway two armed guards are standing in front of him. “Freeze!” The guards shout, one of them turns and starts to talk on a radio while the other stands guard pointing a rifle at Al. Al decides not to do anything rash and is escorted down the hall into a large well lit room.

The room has alcoves in it, it looks as if it leads down into a pit. It looks like the Germans are digging for something. As he is being lead in Al sees Sych scurrying across a ledge up above and ducking down behind some rocks.

Nicholi shimmies down below the casket and finds himself in an access room with a small tunnel leading out of the room. Nicholi makes his way down the tunnel and comes to an opening where he sees Al being dragged into a large room. Nicholi gets his gun ready, he has a shot of the guard that’s holding Al but not the second guard. Nicholi starts to make his way around the room, as he is positioning for a better vantage spot he hears a young German boy call out. “Mister, mister! I heard something over there!” Nicholi looks around and then realizes that a guard has noticed him. The guard yells out. “Over there!” While pointing in Nicholi’s direction.

The guard takes a shot that ricochets off the wall behind Nicholi. Nicholi drops his gun and puts his hands up. Another guard comes over and frisks Nicholi and takes his weapons from him. The guard puts Al and Nicholi in the middle of the room and goes off to talk on the radio.

Sven tells Sych that he and his Father are here in the Temple with the German Soldiers looking for a way into the other side of the Temple. Sych looks over the rocks that their hiding behind down at Al and Nicholi and then turns back to Sven.

“If you want to save your friends you have to get into the temple.” Sven leads Sych down a side hallway to a big wrought iron door that appears to have been added many years after the temple had been built.

Sych can hear the guards in the next room yelling at Al and Nicholi. “Who are you working for!”

Al looks over at Nicholi and then turns back to the guards, “I don’t know what you want. We’re just tourists…”

“Tourists? Carrying  a ruby scepter and a dagger?” The guards looks at Al and Nicholi suspiciously.

“I just saw it, I’m sorry I picked it up.” Al watches as the one of the guards grabs the ruby scepter and holds it out towards them.

“Where did you find this?!” The guard shakes the scepter at them.

“We found it in one of the rooms.” Nicholi looks down at the floor as the guard moves over closer to him.

“What room?!” The guard used the end of the scepter to tilt Nicholi’s head up and looks him in the eye.

“The one we first walked in.” Nicholi holds still as the guard lowers the scepter from under his chin.

“The sacrifice room?” The guard lowers his voice and begins to pace back and forth in front of Al and Nicholi.

“Yes.” Nicholi looks over at Al.

“I guess…I don’t fuckin’ know.” Al shrugs his shoulders.

“It was, because  it had the Alter.” Nicholi watches as the guard lowers the scepter to his side. The two guards whisper to one another for a moment. Then one of them walks over and yells. “Get up, on your feet!” Nicholi and Al get up and the guards start to march them back towards the barracks.

Meanwhile Sych and Sven are standing in front of the wrought iron door, there are no guards around for them to worry about. Sych notices that there are ornate designs on the door that seem to be instructions on how to get into the room and one the other side of the room is pictured a glowing orb.

Sven explains. “The Germans planted something here during world war two and they forgot how to get in. The only person who knows how to get in was killed in the war, it was Hitler. Dun dun dun!”  

Sych notices that one of the rooms depicted on the door looks like the sacrifice chamber. He sees five bodies hung upside down, their blood dripping down onto the Alter and running to the door. Sych thinks that perhaps the staff is used to open the door.

“We can try and free your friends, or we can try and get the door open.” Sven looks to Sych.

“How are we going to get the door open?” Sych looks from Sven to the door.

“They’ve planted TNT all over the door. We can put the TNT everywhere, but it might collapse the roof.” Sven looks at Sych as he tries to make his decision.

“We’ll get my friends, then worry about getting in.” Sych and Sven start making their way back out to the room where and Al and Nicholi had been.

Meanwhile Al and Nicholi have been taken to the makeshift camp that the Germans have setup in another part of the Temple. They are thrown down into chairs inside a tent. A man comes in and picks up the staff. Neither Al or Nicholi can see the man’s face, there is a bright light shining down on them.

He turns towards them. “Which of you picked up the staff first?”

“Me, it was me.” Nicholi says with a bit of sass in his voice.

The man moves around behind Nicholi and unshackles his hands from the chair. “Which hand did you grab the staff with?”

Nicholi holds out his left hand. The man takes his hand and makes a small cut on the top of Nicholi’s left hand. He touches the blood to the staff and it glows bright red for a moment and then takes a few steps away.

“Do you know what the Mayans did with this staff?” He asked as he turned to face Nicholi again.

“No bro…” Nicholi watches as the man slowly turns the staff in his hand.

Meanwhile Sych and Sven are approaching the bunker they see that all the men are gathered around one tent looking inside.

The man looks at Nicholi and Al then starts to pace back and forth in the tent. “The staff absorbs the life blood of a person. Eventually when enough is filled it can open the door over there. That is how the scientist who invented the door rigged the whole place.”

“What a fuckin’ horrible scientist.” Al shifts in his chair.

The man seems to ignore Al. “It’s almost full, two of our men died coming in. Another was found dead in his tent. We only need two more.”

“Jesus Christ how much does it hold?” Al watches as the man begins to twist the staff in his hand.

The man sets the staff down on the table that is in between himself, Al and Nicholi. Then starts to shift the knife that he had been holding in his other hand.

Al leans back in his chair and kicks the table, Nicholi lunges forward and slams it up into the man’s face. He goes backwards and drops the knife, the staff falls to the floor.

At the same time Sven and Sych rip the back of the tent open with Sych’s dagger and grabs Al and Nicholi pulling them out. Nicholi grabs the staff and as he’s reaching for the knife the man grabs it and stabs Nicholi ion the hand. Nicholi gets away and makes it out the back of the tent with the staff.

Al manages to grab a handful of dirt and rocks as he’s being drug out of the tent. Sych frees Al from the shackles that are holding him to the chair and they all make a run for it back to the wrought iron door.

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