Dino Island Adventure Edit

The friends win an all expense paid trip to the Grand Pre-Opening of Dino Island. They and twenty others take a plane south, land and get on a boat, Al gets sea sick on the boat. Once they arrive on the island they notice that Matt is sick, something he ate isn’t sitting well.

From the docks the friends can see in the distance a few Brontosaurus and Pterodactyls. The friends proceed to check into their hotel rooms and decide to split up. Sych and Al decide to go to the Raptor Pit, while Reggie and Nicholi decide to go to the Pterodactyl Canyon. Matt still not feeling well decides to stay behind at the hotel.

Al and Sych arrive just in time to see the Raptors being fed from above the pit on a fifty foot platform. While watching the Raptors tear into a dead cow that was dropped into the pit they notice other visitors walking with a Doctor. As he approaches they notice the Doctor’s name tag which reads Doctor Varkavious Mingo. He greets both Al and Sych to the island and gives them a brief history of the island and the process used to bring the Dinosaurs to life. He asks the two if they walked to the Raptor pits, they say yes and he warns them that it is too dangerous to be walking around on the island and gives them key card passes that will allow them to use the shuttles on the island, small smart cars.

Meanwhile Nicholi and Reggie are over at Pterodactyl Canyon they are walking through a protective tube watching the Pterodactyls flying above. They exit out into an open area protected by netting as a tour guide leads a few of the other visitors on their tour. Suddenly there is a loud clap of thunder in the distance and the two notice a storm rolling in.  The storm had been behind the boat on the way to the island but it had arrived far sooner than they had expected. It was picking up quickly and it’s made land fall at full force.

It’s pouring down rain now and the two notice up on the side of the canyon that a rock slide is crashing down and cuts off access to the cover tube they arrived from. The rocks also fall on the netting weighing it down and snapping a few of the tree branches that are holding the net up. One of the branches falls on the tour guide. The tour guide is trapped under the branch as the mud is rapidly rising around him. Reggie and Nicholi have no way of getting the tour guide out from under the branch and must make their escape through the Jungle.

Back at the Raptor Pit storm warning alarms have gone off and Doctor Mingo gets a call, Al and Sych overhear him say “What’s that you say? Critical systems failure. That’s not good!” Al and Sych decide not to follow Doctor Mingo to the control center, instead decide to head back to the hotel to meet up with Matt and hopefully Nicholi and Reggie.

Al and Sych decide to use the key cards they had gotten from Doctor Mingo and take one of the cars back to the hotel. Meanwhile Nicholi and Reggie run through the rain and mud to a nondescript building and start slamming on the door. Park staff members open the door and look at Nicholi and Reggie. “What’s wrong?” one of them asks. Reggie and Nicholi step in out of the rain, “One of the tour guides is stuck under a tree, please help us.”

The staff members grab their gear and jump in a truck, they ask Nicholi and Reggie to show them the way, they agree and hop in the truck. The truck arrives safely back at the Pterodactyl Canyon and they use the winch on the truck to lift the branch off the tour guide and get him into the truck. Suddenly a call comes over the radio. “We have a lot of systems failing around the park, we need to get everyone inside. There is a Hurricane coming through its destroying a lot of stuff, we need to get everybody to the command center.” Nicholi, Reggie and the park staff get in the truck and head off towards the command center. As they are going they notice a piece of steel falling, they stop the truck and look up. The protective net is being pulled down by a falling metal rod, the Pterodactyls are now loose and coming for them.

Meanwhile Al and Sych are in their car on the way to the hotel. The storm is ragging, it’s dark out and the lights are flickering.  The car rolls along it’s track another few feet and then the lights flicker once more and then the power goes out and the car stops. It’s very dark, the rain is beating down on the car, the wind is howling. Sych and Al decide to try and hotwire the car and get it off the track.

Sych manages to hotwire the car by connecting some red wires and some green wires, they manage to get the car off the track by jerking the wheel left right left right and make their way to the hotel safely.

Nicholi and Reggie, along with the park staff members and the injured tour guide are trying to decide which way to take to get to the command center. They can try and bash through the fence with the truck or they can go around along the mountain path. However with all the mud the mountain path may be dangerous and they may lose traction, smashing through the fence however will let the Pterodactyls out into the rest of the park. They decide to try and smash through the fence, the truck manages to ram through the fence and didn’t do too much damage to the truck. They notice a few Pterodactyls flying out of the enclosure behind them, and know that they are going to be trouble. However there is something else standing in front of them. A tall figure, it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex standing directly in front of the truck. They turn off the lights as quick as they can and hope the T-Rex didn’t see them.

They all hold their breaths as the Tyrannosaurus Rex turns and looks in their direction. It stares for a moment and then turns it’s head and bobs away. They collectively breathe a sigh of relief, wait a few minutes and then restart the truck and make their way safely to the command center.

Al and Sych arrive at the hotel and decide to go in to look for Matt. Upon entering they see four men that work at the park are gathering supplies. One of the men turns to Al and Sych as they approach. “What are you doing back at the Hotel? Everyone was told to go to the Command Center.”

Sych turns to Al. “I told you we should have gone to the Command Center.”

“Everybody that was here has already been evacuated to the Command Center.” The staff member sets down a box that was in his hands.

“Is Matt there?” Sych asks.

“I don’t know who Matt is, but if Matt was here earlier. Then Matt is there now.” The park staff member turns towards the others and shakes his head.

“He’s a bear in a wizard hat.” Sych says as the staff member turns back towards them.

“Yes, I saw him he’s there now.” The staff member starts to grab another box to stack with the one he had sat down before. “You guys are free to go to the Command Center, we’re actually going over there now. You could come with us.”

Sych crossed his arms in front of him. “No.”

“Ah ok.” The staff members continue to stack the supplies together in the middle of the hotel lobby.

Al turns to the staff member. “Could we stay at the hotel?”

“Well we really want you to go to the Command Center, but we can’t make you do anything. We just work here.” The staff member goes back to organizing the supplies.

“That’s true, could we follow you in our car?” Al asks as Sych takes a few steps back and says. “Get out of my face!”

“Yeah absolutely.” The staff member seems to be ignoring Sych’s comment.

“We didn’t steal it.” Sych says out of nowhere.

 All of a sudden the radio on the staff members belt lets out a short bust of static. “Ah…come in Johnson. Ah…some guy just drove a fuckin’ car through the Pterodactyl fence, and now there’s Pterodactyls loose everywhere. You might want to cover yourselves, I think their headed your way.”

Johnson looks up from the radio out the windows past Al and Sych. “What’s that, holy crap!”

Al and Sych turn and look and see the Pterodactyls headed right for the windows. “Aw shit!” Al takes half a step back.

The Pterodactyls fly into the glass of the windows, it cracks but they hold. For now their safe from the Pterodactyls. However they notice that the Pterodactyls seem to be taking roost around the hotel. They can’t really make it out to the car at this point.

Al and Sych exchange looks. “We could book it.” Sych suggests. Al gives him a skeptical look.

Johnson walks up behind them. “Well we’re not going out the front, our van is parked around back. We could probably get out that way. We’ll be in the car, but we’ll be driving though. We won’t be stuck here surrounded by Pterodactyls in case they get in.”

Sych gets a look on his face and leads Al away from Johnson to talk in private. “Or, we could let them go with the van. The Pterodactyls will follow, then we get in our car.”

“Alright…” Al seems to be considering both options. “We have to convince them of that?”

“No, we’ll be like ‘We’ll stay here, we don’t want to go…bitch.’” The smile on Sych’s face fades as he can see he’s not convinced Al.

“Ah, no lets go in the car with them.” Al seems a bit reluctant but decides that their best bet is probably to go with the park staff members.

Al and Sych, along with Johnson and the others get the supplies loaded in the van and make it safely out the back of the hotel. The van is being chased by Pterodactyls, but so far their safe.

Meanwhile Nicholi and Reggie have already arrived safely at the Command Center. Most of the residents, the park staff and Doctor Mingo are also there. Doctor Mingo gets up in front of the group and starts to talk.

“Now, now you all need to listen to me. You see, you see here I just want all of you to know that there have been some critical systems failures in the Park.” Doctor Mingo pauses a moment to collect his thoughts. “However I have enough, food and supplies and accommodations to store everyone on this island underneath this command center. For an extended period of time, so if you all would like to follow me down there. We’ll wait the storm out and then we’ll go to the port and we’ll leave safely once this hurricane has passed us by. Does that sound like a plan to all of you folks?”

Nicholi turns to Reggie. “I don’t trust him, not one little bit.”

Reggie nods in agreement. “I think we should search for Matt.”

As they look around the room they notice that most everyone is following Doctor Mingo down into the shelter. They soon realize that only the staff members are staying up top to keep the systems running.

“Well maybe we should go to the shelter.” Nichol looks at Reggie. They agree and start making their way towards the entrance that will take them down into the shelter.

Meanwhile Al and Sych are still on their way to the Command Center with Johnson and his team. The weather is not letting up one bit, and seems to be getting worse. As they are getting closer to the Command Center they see a figure in front of the van, they are unable to stop in time and hit the figure.

“Oh!” Sych yells from the back seat. Al throws his hands up in front of himself. “Grim Reaper!”

They hear a screech and it rolls over the van, the driver swerves the van and suddenly there is a building in front of them. The van comes to a screaming halt as the driver manages to miss the building and stop, they soon realize that they have made it to the command center. Everyone is alright, however the Pterodactyls are still following them. They see a massive Pterodactyl fly up into the wall of the Command Center and then fall down slamming down on top of the van dead.

“Yeah, dinner!” Sych says as everyone else just looks on in silence.

They believe it was the last Pterodactyl that was following them, and think they are in the clear. Except for the rain and the muddy conditions and the low visibility and the Dinosaurs being loose on the island, otherwise their good.

However just as everyone is breathing a sigh of relief they hear a screech, a Dinosaur screech and it sounds like it’s close by. Al and Sych realize they have two options, shut off the van and wait until whatever was screeching goes away. Or try and make the twenty five to thirty foot dash through the mud to the doors of the Command Center.

Al and Sych exchange glances with each other and with Johnson and his men, they quickly discuss their options.

“It’s muddy, I don’t know dude.” Sych says as he leans back in his seat.

Al looks at the others, Johnson and his team seem to be wait for Al and Sych to make up their minds before proceeding.

“I say we stay in the car.” Al looks to Sych.

“Yeah dude, just turn the engine off.” Sych motions to the driver to cut the engine.

“Just turn it off and wait it out.” Sych motions to the driver again who doesn’t seem to be getting the message.

“Yeah…” Al agrees with Sych and sits back in his seat. “You want to try and get some sleep?”

“I’m not going to sleep…” Sych gives Al a look.

“Yeah, I know I know, but you know.” Al starts to smile.

“We could sleep though.” Sych shrugs and starts to smile.

“But if you want we can cuddle.” Al smiles at Sych.

Johnson and his team look at each other and then back at Al and Sych in the back of the van.

“Those doors are going to be locked.” Al tries to look through the rain at the Command Center doors.

“Probably yeah, thats true.” Sych leans forward in his seat.

“If we run to those doors and start bashing on them.” Al turns in his seat towards Sych.

“Those are probably Raptors and they’ll eat us alive.” Sych turns towards Al.

Johnson and his team are still sitting quietly as they wait for Al and Sych to make up their minds.

They finally agree to stay and wait it out in the van. Johnson and his team agree and the driver finally shuts off the engine and turns out the headlights.

Back to Nicholi and Reggie, they are making their way down into the shelter. Nicholi turns to the right and sees Matt being led away from the crowd into a side room. Nicholi taps Reggie on the shoulder and then they start to stealthly follow Matt and the men leading him away.

Matt is lead down a hallway and into a room at the end of the hallway. As the door closes behind Matt Nicholi and Reggie hear a lock engage. As they approach the door they see a keypad on the wall next to the door.

Nicholi and Reggie look at the keypad, it looks like it has a lock mechanism. Nicholi and Reggie exchange looks.

“Let’s kick it down!” Nicholi says to Reggie, Reggie nods in agreement. “Yeah let’s do it!”

Nicholi readies himself, takes a half step back from the door and kicks the door with the force of a thousand suns. The door swings open, almost falling off its hinges. Nicholi barrels in through the doorway and looks around for Matt.

Reggie steps in behind Nicholi, Matt is nowhere to be seen. In front of them is a staircase leading down to the lower level. Nicholi and Reggie start making their way down the stairs.

Meanwhile back in the van Al and Sych start to hear some loud sounds. Al covers Sych’s ears with his hands. However at 3am they begin to hear scratching on the side of the van.

Nicholi and Reggie make their way down the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs are several corridors with medical rooms. They see Matt being led into one of the rooms and he isn’t looking too good. Nicholi and Reggie decide that stealth is their best option, they successfully sneak through the corridors to Matt’s room. They see Matt laying on a the bed with a doctor wearing a biohazard mask looking at the clipboard beside Matt’s bed. Reggie and Nicholi decide to continue searching the area to see if they can find some masks of their own.

Meanwhile Al and Sych are cuddling in the van when they are awoken by a noise outside the van. As they lay there in the van they notice that Johnson and his team have disappeared and that they are all alone. The storm rain has stopped and  just then the Pterodactyl that was laying dead on the hood of the van is dragged off the side by something.

Sych looks out his window and sees two Raptors devouring the by Pterodactyl, as Sych turns back towards Al he notices an access hatch ten feet away from the van. Sych and Al exchange looks and then decide to go for it. Sych gets out of the van and slowly makes his way through the mud to the access hatch. Sych turns to Al and motions him over, Al jumps out of the van and makes his way over to Sych. They crawl in through the hatch, as they are pulling the hatch shut a Raptor’s head pops down in front of them and lets out a screech. They manage to secure the hatch and are left in the pitch black of the tunnel. Al leads the way through the dark tunnel.

Meanwhile Reggie and Nicholi arrive at the end of a corridor with three doors to choose from. Reggie turns to Nicholi and starts to ask which door they should check first.

“Second one.” Nicholi heads straight towards the second door before Reggie and even finish asking him which door.

Nicholi busts open the door and find an empty medical room, they look around real quick but don’t see anything and move on to the third door. They decided to listen at the door this time and hear what sounds like two voices talking, they go over to the first door and listen and don’t hear anything.

They decide to enter the third door and they see two guys sitting at computers looking at Surveillance monitors that are watching over the island. They notice that several of the enclosures are open and that the dinosaurs have gotten loose all over the island. The men are wearing headsets and don’t seem to take notice of Reggie or Nicholi. They don’t notice any masks in the room so they quietly leave the room closing the door behind them and make their way to the first room where they find a couple masks.

As they are heading back to Matt’s room they are stopped by two armed guards. “What are you guys doing down here? The people that supposed to be down here are supposed to be in quarantine.”

“We were following our friend.” Nicholi watches as the one guard seems to tense up a bit.

“How much…what did you see?” The one guard asks as his hands tighten around the grips on his gun.

“We saw that he was sick.” Reggie starts to take a half step back.

“Yeah, we saw that he was sick and that the doctors took him down here, we just wanted to make sure he’s okay. We didn’t see anything except him being taken into a room with a doctor.” Nicholi watches as the guards exchange a quick look.

“We wanted to ask a doctor if he was going to be okay.” Reggie notices Nicholi take half a step forward.

“Now that you’ve said that question, how much could we have seen?” Nicholi watched as the two guards turn to talk to each other.

They lean in and talk to one another in low hushed voices and then one of the of them gets on his radio. “Sir we’ve got two people down here, two unauthorized guests in the medical facility.”

“Well maybe you should eliminate them.” Nicholi and Reggie hear the voice of Doctor Mingo over the radio.

Nicholi and Reggie start to tense up as the guards turn towards them and aim their weapons. They notice a loud creaking sound from above them in the ceiling. Then suddenly two bodies fall from the ceiling landing directly on the guards incapacitating them.

Nicholi and Reggie stumble backwards and fall as the two bodies come crashing down out of the ceiling, as the dust clears they get back up and see Al and Sych laying on top the guards.

Sych looks up at Nicholi. “Yeah dude! Totally saw some Raptors out there!”

“What’s up bro!” Nicholi helps Sych up on to his feet.

“Dude Matt’s sick he’s probably going to die, let’s take these guns!” Reggie says quickly as the adrenaline starts to wear off, she helps Al up off the guards and onto his feet.

The four of them collect the guards guns and grab two more masks for Al and Sych and make their way over to Matt’s room. The look in and see that the doctor has left and that Matt is asleep on the bed, Nicholi puts on his mask and goes into the room while the others wait outside it the viewing room watching through the window.

Nicholi tries to rouse Matt, calling out his name and gently shaking him, nothing Matt is out cold. Nicholi checks Matt’s pulse on his neck with a pair of gloves that he found on the tray next to the bed. Matt’s heart beat is faster than normal but is strong and consistent.

Reggie seems to be screaming something about a dinosaur and is miming taking the blanket off of Matt that is covering his body. Nicholi can’t really hear her through the glass partition.

As Nicholi looks back down at the bed he notices the blank is moving where Matt’s left hand would be. Nicholi slowly pulls the blanket back and reveals that Matt’s hand has become reptilian. Nicholi takes a step back from Matt’s bed and the rest of the group gasps in shock behind the glass.

The friends are all gathered around Matt’s bed, he's barely awake. They look at his medical charts and see that he has an unknown disease that originated in the forest on the island. They hypothesis is that the disease is spread by infected mosquitoes.

There is a note as well that details the process of how the island staff are being screened for the disease and mentions that all guests to the island are to be disposed of to prevent the disease from spreading off the island by eight in the morning. Reggie checks her watch and sees that it’s now four in the morning.

  The group discusses if they should kill Matt to put him out of his misery. They wake Matt and ask him if he wants to live. Matt stammers. “I want to live!”

Suddenly Reggie hears the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway, Reggie warns every to duck down behind Matt’s bed and the guards pass. Matt again stammers. “I want to live…”

Nicholi unlocks that wheel’s on Matt’s bed and rolls Matt towards the door. They group looks at the emergency exit map near the door and notice that there are four ways out of the medical wing.

The back right hallway leads to the Docks, the back left leads to the Doctor’s quarters, front left leads to the guest bunker and front right leads to the surface complex.

The friends argue over where they should go, Nicholi votes to go to the Doctor’s quarters. Al votes for going to the guest bunker, Sych agrees to go with Al. Reggie decides to go with Nicholi who’s talking Matt with him on his hospital bed.

Al and Sych make their way down the front left hallway towards the guest bunker, along the way they run across guards coming down the hall. They duck behind a vending machine and hope that the guards didn’t see them.

Al grabs a bottle out of the trash can next to him and throws it at the first guard, knocking him out. Sych jumps out at that moment at the second guard who is looking down at the first guard to see if he is ok. Sych smalls the guards head into the ground knocking him out. Al takes the gun that the first guard was holding and the two continue down the hallway.

Meanwhile Reggie, Nicholi and Matt arrive at the Doctor’s quarters. There is a cabinet of pain meds and other pills on one wall, Reggie grabs a few bottles and stuffs them in her pockets. Nicholi leaves Matt’s bed near the door and looks in to the side room and sees two guards sleeping on cots. One of the guards has an access key card hanging on his shirt. Nicholi motions to Reggie as he hands her the gun he has and quietly makes his way over to the guard. He starts to take the key card off the guard when the guard suddenly awakens and grabs Nicholi’s arm and pulls a knife from his belt.

As Nicholi is struggling with the guard try to hold him off Reggie aims and puts one in between the guards eyes. The guard drops back down on his cot dead. Nicholi pulls the key card off the guard and stumbles backwards. The other guard wakes up and grabs his gun out of its holster and starts taking pot shots at Reggie and Nicholi. Reggie provides covering fire as Nicholi runs back out the door into the hallway where he had left Matt’s bed. Reggie gets to the doorway and looks out at Nicholi who is standing next to Matt’s empty bed.

Nicholi and Reggie are still trading shots with the guard in the Doctor’s quarters. Nicholi motions to Reggie that he is going to provide cover fire so she can line up a shot. Reggie lines up the shot and puts one right between the guards eyes. Nicholi and Reggie scavenge the room and the dead guards body, they get some extra ammo for their guns and a tape that describes the pathology of the virus that has infected Matt. The tape goes on into detail about how the virus can be spread through fluid contact, such as bites, deep scratches, or other contact that results in infected bodily fluids coming in contact with an individual. Reggie and Nicholi decide to make their way up to the surface to try and find a way off the island.

Meanwhile Al and Sych have made their way down to the guest quarters, they are hiding in a side room watching as the other visitors are being herded into a large room. They over hear a couple of guards talking as they walk past the room.

“Well it’s going to be a quick and painless gassing, they won’t even know what hit ‘em.” The first guard said as he adjusted the rifle strap on his shoulder. “Well, probably, who really know anyway?”

The guards move off down the hall and out of site. Down the opposite end of the hallway they see Doctor Varkavious Mingo leaving down a side door with a couple of guards. Al and Sych realize that they have a chance to try and save the visitors, or they could stealth out of the room and follow Doctor Mingo.

Sych decides to distract the guards while Al tries to free the visitors, Sych pops out of the side room into the area where the visitors has just been herded through and stars to dance around to distract the guards. None of the guards make a move but a few of them start taking pot shots at Sych.

Al grabs his gun and manages to kill all the guards in the area before any of them hit Sych. Sych breathes a sigh of relief as Al starts to walk over to Sych. Al stops dead in his tracks and raises his gun towards Sych, who takes a half step back. Just then Dino Matt chomps down into Sych’s neck. Sych crumples to the floor bleeding profusely. Al opens fire but only manages to clip Dino Matt in the shoulder as he runs off. Al runs over to Sych and drops down next to him to try and stop the bleeding.

Meanwhile Reggie and Nicholi are making their way through a long hallway, at the end there is a ladder going up to the surface with an open hatch at the top and blood at the bottom. Reggie looks at Nicholi who motions for her to go ahead and go first. Reggie climbs up the ladder and comes up out in the front foyer of the Hotel. The glass in all the doors and windows has been blown out by the storm that seems to have passed, or at least calmed down for the time being. Nicholi climbs up as well and they take  a moment to survey their surroundings. They notice a few cars parked out in front of the Hotel, and they can see the Docks straight out from the Hotel entrance.

Reggie and Nicholi start to make their way down the hill towards the docks, as they are passing one of the cars they hear a Dinosaur screech, Nicholi ducks down behind the car right away, however Reggie doesn’t manage to get down in time and a Raptor sees her.

There are three Raptors headed towards where Reggie dove down to hide. Nicholi opens fire on the Raptors, Nicholi manages to take down one of the raptors, but two more come out of the jungle, drawn by the gun fire. As they turn to make a run back inside the Hotel they see Dino Matt climbing up out of the hatch. They notice that Matt has a bullet wound in his shoulder, Reggie takes a few nervous shots at Matt and misses. Matt chomps down on Reggie’s arm, Nicholi bashes Dino Matt in the face with his rifle sending him crashing back down the open hatch. When he looks down there is no sign of Dino Matt.

“We’re not going down there.” Reggie holds her bit arm in her hand trying to slow the bleeding.

“There are Raptors after us!” Nicholi grabs Reggie’s hand and pulls her back down into the hatch and closes it behind him.

Back down in the complex Sych is laying in front of Al who is holding his hands over Sych’s neck wound, Al looks down and Sych.

“It’s going to be ok Sych.” Al fumbles a bit as the blood oozes through his fingers.

Sych weakly smiles and barely manages to say “Yeah dude…” as he takes his final breath.

Al is looking down over Sych’s body, Al leans over Sych and spits in his mouth.

“That’s kind of weird, I’m sorry. I feel kinda dirty.” Al gets up and looks around the room.

Al takes one last look at Sych’s dead body and then turns and runs down the hall to the door of the gas chamber. Al starts punching at the controls next to the door trying to open the door, Al hears the hydraulics of the door hissing as they fail and the visitors in the gas chamber start to drop like flies.

Al takes a moment and then walks back to one of the guards he had shot earlier while trying to save Sych and finds a couple of clips of ammo for his gun giving him a total of twenty rounds.

As he makes his way a bit further down the hall to the intersection Al notices that Sych’s body is gone, all that is left is pool of blood. Al also notices a trail of blood leading down the hallway that Doctor Varkavious Mingo and his guards had escaped down. Al decides to head down the hall after Doctor Mingo.

Meanwhile Nicholi and Reggie find a surgery bay and Nicholi finds a bone saw, ties a tourniquet on Reggie’s arm and begins to cut her bitten are off. Halfway through Reggie gasps and passes out from the pain. Nicholi finishes and wraps the stump of her arm in gauss and then throws Reggie over his shoulder and makes his way to where Al and Sych had tried to save the visitors.

Once there Nicholi finds the pool of blood on the floor and notices the blood trail leading off down another hallway. Nicholi shifts Reggie on his shoulder and then thanks her for losing her arm and all the blood as it’s making it easier on his back. Nicholi then decides to cut his losses and heads back down the hallway towards the docks.

Meanwhile Al is following the blood trail that spatters off here and there, and notices large clawed footprints in the blood. Al comes up to two doors, the first door to his left has a sign that says Control Room on it. To his right a little further down the hallway is a door that says Back Alley to the Docks.

Al decides to go into the control room, and notices a Surveillance system, Al checks the cameras and sees the video feed of the gas chamber with all the dead people and the hallway with the blood trail. Al notices something moving out of the corner of his eye, he looks at one of the monitors just in time to see Sych’s hat moving through the shot. Al also notices Nicholi carrying Reggie running down the hallway towards the docks.

Al turns around from the control station and there stands Dino Matt. He looks a lot more Dino like with a Dino head and still mostly human looking body, and he looks pretty pissed off. Al looks over at the door that leads back into the hallway, then over at Dino Matt who is about twenty feet away with several desks between them.

Al decides to try and kill Matt and starts to line up a shot, suddenly Matt roars and changes forwards, leaping over a desk. Al empties his clip missing Dino Matt, Matt pounces on Al knocking him to the ground and begins to tear into Al’s body. Blood flies around as Matt rips and bits at Al’s chest, breaching it with a strong snap of his jaws, Al is dead.

Meanwhile Nicholi and Reggie make it to the docks and find a motor boat tied up near the dock house. The gate to the island is shut and locked the dock seems to be fairly safe. Nicholi puts Reggie on the boat and starts looking for the keys to the boat.

Nicholi finds the keys to the boat in the dock house, as he comes out of the dock house he hears loud banging on the gate that leads to the island. Nicholi starts to make his way towards the boat when he hears several loud gun shots. Nicholi starts running to the boat, he is almost there when the gate flies open with a bang. Nicholi turns back to look at the gate and there standing on the other side is Doctor Varkavious Mingo and his two guards.

“Stop right there!” Mingo shouts out at Nicholi. “Now, now why don’t you go and put all yall’s gun down now.”

Nicholi snickers to himself and drops his gun on the dock.

“Boys go ahead and take care of this gentleman.” Doctor Mingo points at Nicholi as the two guards step through the gate and raise their guns.

Suddenly a big hulking figure jumps out and starts tearing into the guards taking them down. Nicholi notices that the figure is wearing a yeah dude hat and realizes it’s Dino Sych. Nicholi quickly grabs his gun and turns to run back to the boat. Doctor Mingo starts to crawl out of the carnage towards Nicholi.

“Please, please Sir help!” Mingo reaches out towards Nicholi who turns and punts Doctor Mingo in the face and then turns to run back to the boat. Dino Sych grabs Doctor Mingo’s leg and drags him back and finishes him off with by slashing his throat open with his claws.

Nicholi only makes it a few steps when suddenly from out of nowhere Dino Matt is standing between him and the boat. Dino Matt has blood dripping from his claws, and is looking ready for one last show down.

Nicholi raises his gun and manages to put several rounds into Dino Matt, who drops down onto the dock dead. Nicholi hears heavy breathing coming from behind him, he turns and there standing over the bloody mess of Doctor Mingo and his guards is Dino Sych covered in blood. Nicholi raises his gun with his last round in the barrel. He takes a deep breath, holds it and squeezes the trigger as Dino Sych starts to run towards him. The round blows through Dino Sych’s head and Dino Sych drops to the dock dead.

Nicholi looks at the bodies laying on the dock and walks over and wipes Bill…rather Al’s spit out of Sych’s mouth and then walks over to the boat and gets on it and starts it up. Nicholi notices that the boat has a full tank of gas and heads off into the sunset with Reggie who was still laying passed out in the cabin.

The End.

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