R2-D2, or R2D2, as he is labeled in-game, is a blue and white astromech droid originating form the Star Wars universe. In Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, he is ejected in an escape pod to escape the empire. However, instead of landing in the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine, he has landed in the Mojave Wasteland, and is now a companion and friend of Al.


R2D2 was discovered in an escape pod south of Primm where he was instantly recruited as a temporary companion to Al. For a large portion of the two episodes he was in, Al had no idea he could even fight, being that he wasn't very fast and didn't rush into battle. In fact, as the team combated a variety of mod-exclusive Raiders, R2 would only seem to appear from behind Al after they had already killed them.

It wasn't until Al discovered a "straggler" (the last remaining one) that he decided to get to a safe distance and use the Groovatron to put R2 in front of it. To Al's surprise, R2 instantly killed it in a burst of electricity from his chest. Al praised him and they continued on their way. R2 accompanied Al as they helped the vault dwellers of Vault 51. He has yet to appear again.


  • Al frequently refers to R2D2 as "artoo", just like in the films.
  • Early on in the video, Al remarked that he figured R2 and Ballarms would get along just fine, based on obvious signs.
  • As Al and the gang were going to enter the vault, R2 "tea bagged" a dead Bandit Cannibal's head.
  • When Steve got stuck trying to get up the stairs, R2 stopped to try and push him up.
  • He got locked outside of a door with Captain Ballarms at one point.
  • He has his own custom sound effects taken from the movies.
  • In the movies, he has a flamethrower, a buzz saw and rocket packs.