Puppy waiting in Megaton, not being invisible.

Puppy is one of Al's companions found in the A&AT Phone Company Mod, who appeared after Al's usual companions went off on a killing rampage. He was also featured in Fallout 3 Mods: Wasteland Chronicles - Part 1 & 2.


Puppy is originally met in Megaton, only being there to replace Al's former companions who became frenzied.

Puppy gives him the locations of various items for quests much like Steve, a radroach companion of Al's. A feature that Puppy has is that his whole body turns invisible; with the exception of his eyes and mouth, which is probaby due to a bug Al encountered while making Puppy's skin. 


  • Al notes that its one of his weakest companions.
  • Despite being weak, he does not die, 
  • It is possible he consumed a Stealth Boy, similar to Mister Cuddlesworth, and that is the reason he turns invisible. 

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