Pup Guffer
Pup Guffer

Original Mod

Wasteland Defence





First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas: Wasteland Defence - Family Edition! - Part 1

Latest Appearance

Fallout New Vegas: Wasteland Defence - Family Edition! - Part 2


Pup Guffer


  • Fiends
  • Feral Ghouls
  • Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts
  • Super Mutants
  • Legion Outcasts
  • Enclave Soldiers


Alive (First)
Dead (Second)


Westside Militia (possibly)
Patrol Guards
Hank Anderson

The Pup Guffers were two dogs that Al presumably created to give him a challenge of something to protect in Wasteland Defence "Family Edition", similarly to how he added Chumpkins in Wasteland Defence "School Time!", to make it more challenging.

Origin Edit

In order to add an addition Wasteland Defence challenge, as Al traditionally does, he decided to create and add two dogs, each named "Pup Guffer". Al constructed a pen to keep them confined to safety, periodically checking in on them. The pen had a roof held up by wood pillars, with a solar generator resting on top, and the fence was made of sheets of metal. Inside the pen were two sleeping bags, some radroach meat and a campfire. Outside it was a tank of water and wooden steps leading onto a deck positioned over the pen. Despite Al's best efforts, the Pup Guffers were bent on escaping, and somehow managed to get through the fence to escape. Once they got out, it was almost impossible for Al to keep track of them, as they ran all over the place and one even tried to fight the Fiends, killing one in the process.

One exited the pen and make a beeline through the main gate and out of Al's Wasteland Defence town, requiring him to chase after it, to no avail, Al claiming he left because he didn't want to be raised by them to become an upstanding citizen of "dog country". The other one only ventured to the other side of the town, and Al caught him with the Groovatron and put him back. When the other Pup Guffer found out his brother had gotten away, he began baring his teeth angrily while he stood inside his pen, to which Al would respond with "shut up!". During an impending Brotherhood of Steel Outcast siege on their town, a straggler snuck past Al and made a beeline for the remaining Pup Guffer, and as Al sprinted towards him, he said "you're not gonna get my dog!" as the Brotherhood Outcast bashed Pup Guffer's head off with a sledge. When A.J. walked over to it, Al turned him around and told him not to look at it. Al, mourning it's death, remarked that he would feed it's body to the next generation of Pup Guffers. To his astonishment, however, when he returned to the empty pen, he found the Pup Guffer from earlier who had escaped sitting there calmly. Much later in the video, Al added in several Refugees to also try and protect, most of them walking over to the "Skylines66 Birthday Party" nearby, but two of them remained in the cage with Pup Guffer, and one in the town. Later in the video, when Al was controlling a helicopter that was gunning down Super Mutants, he accidentally fired a missile at Pup Guffer, blowing up the water tank, which erupted in a devastating mushroom cloud several feet away from Pup Guffer. When Al went to check on him, however, he was alright. At the end of the video, Al accidentally led a Nightkin with a flamethrower right into Pup Guffer's pen, but luckily he wasn't hit by the fire sprayed everywhere. By the end of the second video, Pup Guffer had survived (mostly because Al restrained him), so as a reward, Al set him free outside the town, where he then turned around and wanted to come back in again, and once brought in, decided he wanted to go back out. Pup Guffer is last seen calmly walking around the town.

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