Pudge Farks


Pudge Farks is a dog who first appears in episode 32 of Al's playthrough of The Sims 3 and makes frequent visits over to the Duggart household. She was formerly owned by Doug Tanden and used to live in The Horse House, but now lives with the Duggarts


Pudge first appeared in the Horse House when Bobby went over to pet the horses. She glitched and walked through both the walls and book cases in the house and later had Bobby pet her while he was in the bathroom.

She is later seen walking along the side of the house, with the intent of researching humans. After apparently getting run over after crossing the street, Bobby descended upon her. Though initially Bobby was disgusted by Pudge, he soon warmed up to her, and Pudge was welcomed into the home. She spent the night mostly playing with Waffles Syrup and her toys. Though extremely tired, Pudge spent the next morning exploring the house and meeting Steven, finally settling down in the dog house. Pudge then ran back to her own home. 

Al kidnapped Pudge and her two puppies into his own family when Bobby assaulted The Horse House in episode 60 and welcomed the new animals to his house.

She died of old age in episode 127. Everyone mourned her death.

R.I.P. Pudge Farks

Episode 32-127


  • Pudge seems to have a sweet tooth for vegetables.
  • Pudge may have supernatural powers, since she was unaffected by a car ramming into her.
  • Pudge and Bobby appear to be good friends. 
  • Al seems to like Pudge a lot.
  • One of Al's goals in a session of The Sims 3 was to steal Pudge.
  • Pudge has two children, Cashew and Dakota. It is unknown whom their father is but it's possible that they were grown from Pudge's cells by The Horses. Al immediately put the two up for adoption after kidnapping them resulting in their hatred towards the Duggarts.
  • Pudge's name is a spoonerism of "Fudge Parks"

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