Private Jenson
"Just try not to fuck this up, alright?"

Original Mod

House of Horrors





First Appearance

House of Horrors - Part 2




Whiskey Fiends




Temporary Companions

Private Jenson is an NCR Trooper Al first encounters in New Vegas Mods: House of Horrors - Part 2. He joins Al as a temporary companion.


Jenson was first found tied up with shotgun traps pointing at his head in the basement of the horror house. He begged Al to release him by carefully disabling the tripwires around him so the shotguns would not fire. After many failed attempts and reloads, Al finally sets him free. When free, Jenson pulls out a shotgun to fight with and begins following Al, prompting Al to nickname him "Shotgun Jimmy".

He accompanied Al for a while, traveling through flooded areas and literal versions of hell together until he died a horrible death by Radioheads; people mind-controlled by the Radios. Even though his death was scripted, Al decided to bring him back, essentially "reviving" him by using a console command to produce a clone of Jenson. He then handed him some weapons, forcing the new Jenson to follow him again.

Jenson, however, was supposed to die, but because of his clone's presence, he glitched throughout the walls of the building and basically experienced a second death. It is unknown if he is going to return again.


  • It was revealed that Jenson was a drug dealer and that the Fiends were supplying him with drugs for a cut of the profit.
  • The Fiends had apparently captured him and promised to "set him free". It was unknown what they meant by this.
  • Al found the rest of his friends and squad brutally murdered in the room next to his. He tried to conceal their death to Jenson, although he came to accept the tragedy.
  • He believed that he saw a giant spider pop out of the wall. It was stated, however, that it was just his mind playing tricks on him.
  • Al complained that Jenson did little-to-nothing when assisting him in combat, as he usually stood behind walls or doors to avoid conflict. He did prove himself when battling a horde of Mirelurks, however, much to Al's surprise.

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