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Private Clemmins

Private Clemmins (Or mistakenly referred to as Gibbons) is a Rockwell Soldier and one of Al's companion's through a portion of the quest mod, "The Rockwell Pursuit ". He wears standard T-51B Power Armor.


When Al is sent by Overseer Goldwater on a mission to retrieve missions about The Rockwell Corporation, he orders Private Clemmins to assist Al in his mission. However, despite the fact he was only supposed to be a temporary companion, he remains Al's companion until his death. 


Private Clemmins appears only in "The Rockwell Pursuit" mod series, from Part 3 all the way to Part 9 where he is killed by a Colorado Reserve Remnant. However, Al fails to notice that he has disappeared until later. 


  • Clemmins is often referred to Al as Private Gibbons. He could likely be mistaking him for Lt. Gibbons, a soldier who assisted Al during his mission to kill Osama Bin Brahmin .
  • He has no unique dialogue what so ever. He is only given the "What do you need?" response.
    • Because of this, Al tries to swap guns with him but can't.
  • Clemmins' corpse can be seen at 6:36 of Part 9 in Al's playthrough of "The Rockwell Pursuit".
  • There is a mod that allows him to be a companion on the nexus.
  • In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Christmas Special - Part 12, his brother, and only surviving one, Teddy Clemmins, owner of the Mount Charleston Alpine Lodge, reveals that they are from a family of 5 brothers. 3 of them having joined other factions such as the NCR, Followers of the Apocalypse and the Brotherhood of Steel.

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