Pizza Pete

Original Mod

Pizza Pete





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Pizza Boy! - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Missing Persons (Redux!) - Part 1








Temporary Companions

Pizza Pete is a hobo recruited by Crier Breach.

Origin Edit

Al was trying to make a voiced companion in the theme of the week's mod: pizza. He then made Pizza Pete: a hobo with an Italian accent that speaks random things.

Appearances Edit

He first appears in New Vegas Mods: Pizza Boy! - Part 1 where Crier finds him in Freeside, sleeping on a mattress next to a beaten mailbox used as a donation box. Crier then donates 100 caps to Pete and he temporarily follows him, only to come back to his mattress and sleep. A few hundred caps later Crier successfully recruits him and follows him everywhere while insulting him.

He later appears in New Vegas Mods: The Hype Is Real! where he surprises Crier as he still follows him. He seemingly dies in a fight at the end of the mod with a drug dealer named Monterey Jack and his bodyguards.

He later appears in New Vegas Mods: Missing Persons (Redux!) - Part 1 where it is revealed he survived the fight and followed Crier into the Thorn during his first Missing Persons assignment. He later dies in a fight with a Legendary Deathclaw while looking for Ralph's briefcase in Dead Wind Cavern. Crier looks at his body and claims "He'll be back next week".

Trivia Edit

  • Pizza Pete speaks in a stereotypical, heavy Italian accent, with most of his dialogue being pizza or pasta based.
  • Pizza Pete is voiced by Al.

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