"Okay you primitive screw heads, you see this? This is my Boom Stick."

Original Mod

Fusion City Rising - Quest Mod Plus





First Appearance

Fusion City Rising - Part 1 - The Sword of Atom!


Deacon (Father)
Mother (Deceased)
Shaun (Grandfather)
Sole Survivor (Great-grandfather)


Sword of Atom




Temporary Companions

Peter is a child encountered by Al in the game Fallout 4. He is the son of Deacon joins Al as a companion in Fallout 4 Quest Mods: Fusion City Rising - Part 1 - The Sword of Atom!.


Peter is first met inside of the Railroad Headquarters, with Al going to greet him because he thought it was his son, A.J.. Upon Al greeting him, the child reveals to him that the Children of Atom are trying to occupy an unfinished vault after going on a killing spree throughout the wasteland and trying to blow up the Commonwealth. Peter reveals that since his dad, Deacon, isn't around, Al is the only person he can ask for him, to which he happily agrees, stating that now he doesn't have to get his son back because he has a new one.

Al travels to the aforementioned vault with the child, where they take on Atom soldiers and attempt to clear out the vault. After Al learned that Deacon - Peter's father and a spy of the Railroad - is actually the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3, Peter mistakenly says Al is his great-grandfather, mistaking his identity with the Sole Survivor.


  • He reveals that he is 8 years old.
  • He thought it was cool when Al blew a lady's head off.
  • For some reason, when Al healed him with a stimpak, the animation for a robot repair kit showed instead. Because of this, Al thought he was a synth.

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