Pepa Greens
She eagerly awaits your command.

Original Mod

Rivens Ferret Friend





First Appearance

A Ferret and Mothra


AlChestBreach (Owner)
Steve (Mentor)






Temporary Companions

Pepa Greens is a ferret who Al finds wandering the wasteland. He recruits her for his team and she becomes a temporary companion. She first appears in New Vegas Mods: A Ferret and Mothra.


She is first met in Goodsprings, already following Al. He introduces her to the rest of his companions and gives her secret kisses before taking her along on the quest the group embarks on.

After advancing a bit, Al decides to appoint Steve as her mentor so that she can learn to fight well and "do that one ass thing" that Steve does.

The gang travels a bit longer and during their travels, she develops a crush on Mister Cuddlesworth and follows Al to the remote island, where she helps Al summon and then take down Mothra, a giant Cazador. She survives the ordeal.

She immediately stars in A Ferret Reviews A Mod after the main review video, where she becomes the main character of the game. She does not speak, although becomes very intimidating and completes the same quest Al had just previously completed, earning a happy ending for her and her male companion friend.

She doesn't appear again until New Vegas Mods: Cazaclaw Lab!, where she follows Al into the Big MT to investigate some Hybrid Deathclaw rumors. Once they enter the suspicious building, her and Steve become a deathclaw killing team, with Pepa distracting the deathclaws while Steve attacks. She then consumed some deathclaw meat. At the end of the review, she receives a kiss from Al for being helpful.


  • Pepa's original name was Jinx until Al changed it.
  • Pepa uses the typical dog animations already in Fallout, although she does not bark or make any sounds the dog characters make.
  • Captain Ballarms almost steps on Pepa several times throughout the mod review, almost crushing her.
  • According to Al, Pepa Greens is very financially responsible.
  • She speaks 8 languages.
  • Mothra's Journal hints that she may be Mothra's daughter.

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