Pencil Police
Looks like you need a "sharpening"

Original Mod

The Alchestbreach Series Part 2

First Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Osama Bin Brahmin - Part 1

Last Appearance

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Osama Bin Brahmin - Part 1


Various officers






The Pencil Police are a police organization, entirely compromised of pencil-lovers, who unlawfully arrested and kidnapped Al and Lt. Gibbons while Al was recruiting him for his hunt for Osama Bin Brahmin. Their main base of operation is a medium-sized prison-shack located directly across the street of Camp McCarran, an NCR military base, although it is unknown whether they are affiliated with them. Their ultimate goal is the protection of all pencils of the Mojave. 


It is unknown why they have a love for pencils, but they made an organization for them, so it must be because they really, really, really love them. 


The Pencil Police only appear in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Osama Bin Brahmin - Part 1 where Al and Lt. Gibbons are knocked-out and sent to their prison because of how many pencils Gibbons has taken. Al and Gibbons, however took a bobby pin from "Dead Guy" and escaped, taking a pencil rifle with them, they then proceeded to kill all members, eliminating the Pencil Police once and for all. 


  • No one really knows why they wear the hats they do.
    • No one also knows why their heads are very deformed.
  • It is unknown to which government they work for, or if they're an independent organization.
    • It is unknown whether they even are an official police organization. 
  • They are willing to go to extreme measures, such as kidnapping and murdering, in order to protect their precious pencils.
  • It is unknown why "Dead Guy" was a threat to them. 

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