Paladin Jameson
"You must be Courier Six."

Original Mod

The Deterrent





First Appearance

The Deterrent - Part 1


Jamison (Father)
Unnamed Father


  • Feral Ghouls




Temporary Companions
Brotherhood of Steel

Paladin Jameson Jimerson is a paladin for the Brotherhood of Steel and a temporary companion Al meets in Fallout New Vegas Mods: The Deterrent - Part 1.


Paladin Jameson is met by Al in an underground bunker near the original base of The Brotherhood of Steel. After talking with him for several minutes, he gets Al to accept a job of his and travel with him to a Brotherhood Chapter in the East. He travels with Al through the underground sewers and Al talks to Jameson about creating a spin-off series of Beverly Hills Cops before shortly arriving at the assigned location in Storm City.

Paladin Jameson tells Al he should go help people around the city and that he'll meet him soon, leaving as Al's companion. He later dies under unexplained circumstances and Al holds a small funeral montage for him at the mod review, which makes Janet and Al's other companions cry. He will be missed.

Appearances Edit

Paladin Jameson makes a physical re-appearance in FNV Montages: Goobers and Carlyle Halloween Mystery!, popping up several times while the Grandfather of the family is trying to tell a Halloween story. He dances out of the house every time he is spotted. At the end of the montage, while the two children are outside of AlChestBreach's Headquarters, he creepily approaches them and flashes right behind them, ending the montage. It is unknown what happened to the two children.


  • Al wrote a song dedicated to him. 
  • Paladin Jameson was so boring, Al clipped his nails while talking to him.
  • His armor is a replacer armor Al had installed, which can be found here.
  • He is currently writing a book, hence the reason he fails to follow Al half of the time.
  • After returning to the Mojave, Al found a corpse near Jameson's campsite leading to the conclusion he may have been a murderer. In this case, his death may have been for the best.
  • Sometimes, Al censors his profanity by adding in "Jameson" saying his name. 
  • He was mentioned in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Journey To Vault 79 - Part 1 where Al said that he once knew a man named Jameson, and he was more interesting than his new follower Sam Hudson. 
  • In Misc. Monday- Area 51 - Part 1 it was revealed that Jameson's dad is what appears to be a SWAT officer, working to defend Area 51. Jameson's second father is revealed in Fallout New Vegas Mods: For The Enclave 2.0 - Part 1 as General Jamison. It is unknown if his fathers are currently together or are in communication. 
  • In War Trash - Part 4, it is mentioned that the mercenary faction, War Trash, was founded by a man named Jameson, who used to be in the NCR until he was kicked out for murdering a prostitute.
  • Jameson seemed to have had some hostilities with Jack the Jackal, the leader of the Jackals, before his death. As in New Vegas Mods: A Ferret and Mothra it is mentioned that Jack had stolen his grandmother's ashes and hid them in a Cazadore nest, in return, Jameson stole Jack's precious key and pink fur-trimmed diary, and hid them the the Sloan sewers.
  • His last name seems to be Jimerson according Project Peay- Part 1
  • It is unknown if the Jameson that appears in Project Peay is the real Jameson, or another clone made by the Radios. This question will most likely never be answered.
  • In Sims 4 - Two Brothers, One House - Part 4 , Al named one of Artsy Bobby's kids Jameson, and actually read from this very page on the AlChestBreach Wiki.
  • He has unnaturally green lips.