Paddy Sacker was Al's first character in Hard Time - Part 1 . He was sent to jail for prostitution and had to serve a 34 day sentence. 

Life in PrisonEdit

Paddy was often made fun of by the other inmates, whether or not he was being called fat or stupid. He had a problem with Warden Simpson, who would often yell at Paddy for breaking the rules or disobeying him. At one point, Warden Simpson became so mad at him that he even took Paddy to court for fighting with him, but the judge ultimately ruled in Paddy's favor, telling the warden to stay in control of the inmates. Other than getting into fights Paddy, did not do much else at the prison. He would often hang out in the eastern block where his cell was, and once tried to get a work out by going outside.


Paddy was at the cafeteria when he started arguing with a few of the guards and inmates in the cafeteria. A huge brawl went down, resulting in Paddy ultimately being beaten and hit to death by the guards and inmates around, as all of them had some sort of beef with him.


  • His serial number was E-003.
  • He had 60 points in strength and intelligence, and 50 points in agility.
  • He accidentally attacked a police guard within a minute of entering the prison.
  • He lasted 4 days in prison.  
  • Following Paddy Sacker's death, a man by the name of Money Chunks was sentenced to the same prison.  

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